How will Gov. Pawlenty’s budget cut plans afffect you?

UPDATE: You can listen to Pawlenty’s 2pm press conference here or join an online discussion at MPR’s political blog.

We’ll get the list on Tuesday of all the cuts Gov. Tim Pawlenty plans to make to Minnesota’s two-year budget, my Minnesota Public Radio News colleagues are reporting tonight.

It won’t be fun. According to our MPR report:

Pawlenty has said his cuts will include aid to local governments, health and human services programs and higher education. Pawlenty declined to offer specifics after his speech on Saturday, but said there wouldn’t be any major surprises.

“There isn’t any real mystery as to what’s boxed off because the federal government won’t allow us to touch it,” said Pawlenty. “And we’ve committed to try to only defer, and not permanently reduce, school payments, and that leaves the other categories.”

You can help us report the news on Tuesday. The list is expected mid-afternoon. It should be posted either at the state finance department web site or linked from the governor’s Web page.

Check it out and if you see anything that will affect you directly, click here and tell us. Or post something below. It’ll really help us in the newsroom understand the impact quickly and will make the coverage better.

The Minnesota Budget Project, a research effort of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits that analyzes Minnesota spending and budgeting, has a good quick summary of expected areas to be cut. Read it here.

Higher education and health and human services are likely to take some of the biggest hits as Pawlenty uses his “unallotment” power to close a projected two-year, $2.7 billion budget.

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