MinnEcon Indicator: Tough economy boosts child support cases

Employment, personal income, consumer confidence. Those are our common gauges of economic health. But how about child support cases?

You might not have thought of that one. My MPR colleague Sasha Aslanian produced a story recently showing how the tough economy has sent the number of child support cases skyrocketing in Minnesota.

It’s an issue folks from our Public Insight Network have raised: We’ve heard from a divorced parent, struggling in this economy, trying to come up with the money for child support. We’ve also heard from a parent trying to get an ex-spouse to pay it.

Rural Minnesota papers in Chisago and Wadena counties are reporting similar trends. Nationally, a recent poll of divorce lawyers found a jump in the number of requests to modify child support arrangements.

What do you do if you’re a divorced parent and the money is not there? Share some thoughts below or click here and tell us a story.

I’m also using this post to kick off our search for unusual or offbeat Minnesota economic trends. What are you seeing on the economy that’s a little different that’s telling you things are improving or worsening?

Click here, shoot us a note and tell us what you’re seeing, then type “MinnEcon Indicator” in the headline box and send it.

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