Uptick in southern Minnesota?

Most of Minnesota’s economic numbers haven’t been great lately. But we’re always on the lookout here for signs of something better.

Paul Heimgartner of Blooming Prairie told us recently he spotted some signs in southern Minnesota that the economy might be improving. Heimgartner, a source in or Public Insight Network, wrote:

Within the last two weeks I’m seeing a lot more people shopping in Owatonna and Austin. I’m seeing local government making as many moves as they can to get stimulus money.

The housing refinance is so hot you have to wait two or three weeks for banks to respond (in Rochester). There is no better time to buy a house for first time home buyers (low rates+8000 tax credit) , except maybe this fall in larger markets.

Bottom of the stock market is a month past. Jobs losses are going to climb through all of 2009, but I think the worst monthly numbers are done.

If anyone else has a read on what’s happening in those southern Minnesota towns, please post below or drop us a story.

Below are responses we’ve mapped from folks seeing signs of something good happening in the economy. Check it out, then tell us what the economy is like around you.

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