Lean times for artists: A view from the theater

I recently highlighted a story from one of our Public Insight Network sources who’s a painter who gave us a glimpse of her reality trying to sell work in this economy.

Another network source recently weighed in with a view from the theater.

Brian Grandison is a St. Paul playwright and director. He headlined his post, “The Show(s) Must Go On.” Of the local theater business, Grandison wrote:

There is work out there but everyone is doing their best to hold on. Most of the work I get is freelance and so far (knock wood) none of the folks I’ve worked with in the past are eliminating jobs or projects, but they are paying less for the same amount of work.

I have a play that I’ve worked on for a long time and finally it’s ready to be done and it will have to held back for another year so the producing theater can raise the funds.

Most of the theaters in town are producing plays with very small casts or have one person shows.

For me, the unanswered question is whether the recession will change the economics of art here permanently. When the economy recovers, does the demand return to pre-recession levels? What happens if it doesn’t?

Share some thoughts below or tell us a story about what the economy’s like around you these days.

We’ve also mapped the insights of Grandison and other readers on the job market in Minnesota. Click on the little guys below to read them.

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