Will the recession nick summer camps?

Kids going to camp is one of those classic rites of summer. But could it be one of the casualties of the recession?

One of our Public Insight Network folks told us recently that he just got laid off and described his economic outlook as worrisome. Among the spending decisions he was putting off: “Summer plans, camps, etc for the kids. If I’m out of work, it doesn’t make sense to spend money on something I could do myself.”

Summer camp is often considered recession proof. Nationally, there’s evidence that camps are meeting enrollment goals for this summer despite the crappy economy. But we haven’t seen this kind of recession in nearly 30 years.

When Minnesota Parent magazine asked its readers recently if the economy would take a bite out of summer camp, most of those responding said they’d find a way to keep camp in the family budget.

The American Camping Association is concerned enough that they’ve written talking points about summer camps in a recession. The obvious message: It’s OK to spend money on camp!

I’d love to hear from people who’ve made decisions this year about summer camp for their kids or from people who run camps — how’s the market? Drop me a line or post a thought below.

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