Moving back home in this economy?

We always think we’ll never move back to our parents’ house. Graduate from school, find work, support ourselves and live independently. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

Of course, it never works perfectly for everyone. That’s true especially in this economy.

We’ve been asking people in our Public Insight Network for months now about how their households are faring. Every few weeks, we hear from an adult who lost his job and contemplates moving home. We’ve heard from parents, too, about making room for their young adult children.

Mary Piontek of Stillwater told us this week her daughter and son, both college graduates, are home. The story’s complicated, too, because Mary says she’ll be losing her job by the end of the year as her company moves work overseas. She writes:

Our 24-year-old son who provided computer support for a small company lost his job two weeks ago. Our 22-year-old daugher works part time at a tanning salon making $7/hr….she completed her degree in marketing communications at UWRF but cannot find a job. The few openings she finds want 3-5 years of experience… After years of conservative living and aggressive savings, my husband hoped to retire at 56 … now he is planning on working longer.

A recent AARP survey reveals the struggles some have in this economy.

Most adults 18 and older told AARP that it was still unlikely they’d need to move in with a family or friend. But among those who said it was possible, a third of those blamed an income drop and about 20 percent said it would be due to a change in their jobs or health.

There are upsides. Having extra time with your kids or parents that you didn’t expect or that wouldn’t have happened without the lousy economy can be a good thing. But it’s also hard at any age to see your kids struggle.

Are you in a similar situation? Drop me a line or post below and tell us. It may lead to a story on Minnesota Public Radio News.

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