We redesigned the Ground Level page

We’ve been at this Ground Level project for a couple of years now, exploring community issues around Minnesota, looking at what people think is important and what they’re doing about it.

As our collection of these topics has grown — from rural health to broadband access to clean water to entrepreneurship to the dilemmas of local government — we felt the need to organize the coverage a little more effectively and make it friendlier to mobile platforms. So here it is, thanks to our new digital producer, Will Lager.

ground level logo 4-16-12.jpg

Our hope is that this collection page will be an entre to a growing variety of topic pages, to the Ground Level blog, to a rotating selection of some of our best stories and more.

I’m especially happy with the “Topics” tab, which shows you the wide range of coverage we’ve been able to provide. It’s a good list and it’s getting longer regularly, showing some important challenges Minnesotans are facing, who is taking them up and how they’re doing. There’s a lot of good reporting, writing and photography there, by Ground Level reporter Jennifer Vogel and a host of others in the MPR newsroom.

Take a look at let us know what you think. Then look for our next topic coming up soon.

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