WEIGH IN: How should we deal with farming and pollution?

If farming is responsible for pollution of rivers and lakes, what’s the best way to deal with that?

On one hand, as we showed with our package of stories, Cleaning Minnesota’s Water, some farmers are adopting new ways to deal with runoff and others interested in the problem are seeking new means of reaching across traditional lines of dispute and collaborating in solutions.

On the other, environmentalists and others think farm organizations and some farmers are dragging their feet. The answer, they say, is less a matter of talk and voluntary action than it is a matter of requirements and restrictions.

In Ground Level’s latest “Weigh In” conversation, we asked seven Minnesotans who have been on the front lines of water pollution and farming issues to give us their thoughts. Take a look at what they told us — from demanding farmer action to understanding the farmer’s plight — and then weigh in with your thoughts.

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