. . . Gone

It’s official. Just to catch up from Tuesday’s post, Tenney voters decided 2 to 1 to dissolve the city, said Wilkin County Auditor Wayne Bezenek, who counted the votes this morning.

“It took longer to open the envelopes than to count the votes,” Bezenek said.

So, on the first day of winter — six months after the election — the city will become the third Minnesota city to dissolve itself under the 1949 law governing such matters. The previous dissolutions were Island View in far northern Minnesota and Ronneby near St. Cloud.

The residents of Tenney will become residents of Campbell Township but virtually all services were already being supplied by the county, Bezenek said. The only unresolved issue might be who will manage the couple of streetlights Tenney has been paying for. They could become the private property of residents.

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