Solve a problem together, win a contest

Know anybody who has gotten people together to solve a problem in your community?

Let ’em know they could win $25,000 by explaining how they did it.

Since we launched this Ground Level project at MPR News earlier this year, we’ve used it to explore and provide news coverage of how Minnesotans are grappling with challenges and taking action to make their communities better places to live in.

We pursued this reporting — with help from the Bush Foundation –because it’s consistent with MPR’s mission to strengthen communities and with Bush’s goal of helping community leaders take action.

Now the Bush Foundation is expanding on its effort by, among other things, holding a contest. They’re calling it the InCommons Collaboration Challenge.

It’s open to any non-profit organization in Minnesota and people affiliated with a non-profit. So if you know a good example of a group that came together to solve a community problem, check it out.

  • Lindsay

    Great idea!