Down to one, Cook County waiting, waiting on broadband

People in Cook County have been trying for years to get better access to the Internet. They’re hoping next week brings good news to the Arrowhead.

You can get Internet access in Grand Marais but up and down the shore is iffy. Bruce Kerfoot at the Gunflint Lodge up the Gunflint Trail was eloquent at Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s broadband summit last week about how much that lack is hurting his business.

The last rounds of federal stimulus award for broadband are expected shortly. Until a few days ago there were two applications from people in Cook County. One was from the electric cooperative, Arrowhead Electric, in conjunction with Pulse Broadband. The other was by the North East Service Cooperative, which won an award earlier for a so-called “middle mile” project.

But Arrowhead decided to pull out, leaving North East Service Cooperative alone.

Danna McKenzie, who watches broadband progress for the county, told me a month ago it didn’t matter to the county which project succeeded. Here’s what she posted today, sounding a little like people are on pins and needles.

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