What’s your plan for aging?

A headline in the August 22, 2010, issue of the Star Tribune asks a profound question, “Who will care for the silver tsunami?”

The article by Warren Wolfe cites the following statistics: “About 680,000 Minnesotans are 65 and older now. That number will soar to 950,000 in a decade, then to 1.3 million by 2030. Compared to people of working age, the proportion of seniors will almost double over the next 20 years- from 21 per 100 to 39.”

While some see this as a cloudy forecast since there will be fewer workers to support the aging populace, others may take advantage of the silver lining and move into healthcare and caretaker careers.

Those of us in the group who will be on the receiving end of the care should plan for that future. Where do you plan to spend your declining years? Will you work beyond normal retirement age? Will you reserve a MEDCottage and contract with one of your children to set it up in their back yard? Will you opt for extended care insurance and hope there will be enough room in a nursing home when your time comes? Or, will you eat, drink and be merry and not plan to reach advanced old age? What’s your plan?

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