Bertha’s empty plant to become Amish crafts co-op

Karin Nauber of the Independent News Herald has the answer as to the new owner of the old Mattress Factory building just south of Bertha. The newspaper’s July 7 headline reads: Former J and R Mattress Factory to be home of Amish Country Co-op. While not owned and operated by the Amish, some facets of the rumor where true.

Gary Richter (Richter Construction of Todd County as well as owner of C.A.R.s in Bertha), his wife, Cindy, and Bob and Mary Larson have joint ownership. The building, newly named Marlowson Event Center will offer regular booth space for Amish handicrafts, an event center and possibly space for consignment auctions. It’s set to open this month. Check out the front page of the Independent News Herald for all of the details.

  • Patty

    Is this opened for business now? What days and hours??

    Thank you,


  • Nancy

    Yes, open for business 6 days a week, regular business hours (9-5). Closed Sundays. During the winter, it’ll be open just on Saturdays, I believe. They don’t have a website nor easily findable contact information. Guess the best way is to stop in and ask when the hours will change for the winter.

  • Nancy

    Also see my latest post: A visit to the Amish Country Co-op.

  • janice hartman

    will they have barn quilts at this place also .looking for one for our new building

  • Joy

    Do they sell quillows there?