Ground Level launches Todd County print and web coverage

I’m happy to say we’ve launched our Ground Level coverage of Todd County, both in print and online. We’re focusing on how well this rural and economically stressed community is prepared to handle the aging boom that is approaching, but our coverage will explore the local economy, immigration and other issues more broadly.

(Join the conversation on this blog about the export of young people, for example.)

You can read Part 1 of reporter Jennifer Vogel’s four-part series on Todd County in one of these four fine newspapers: the Long Prairie Leader, the Staples World, the Browerville Blade and the Independent News Herald in Clarissa. The piece shows you how an energetic network of volunteers, donations, government help and family provide at least one lifeline for elderly people living alone in the country.

You can also find the story on the Todd County page we’ve just made public here on MPRNewsQ. There’s also an entertaining slide show by reporter Nikki Tundel, a nice little slice of the county. The page highlights the Todd County-related posts on this blog — Nikki put something up yesterday on folks in Bertha banding together to give themselves a morning place to gather, for example.

As we did earlier on our first such page, on Baldwin Township, we will be adding material to this page as we continue to report — video, audio, more text stories and data presentations that will be useful in understanding trends in Todd County.

One goal of this, as I’ve said before, is to provide information and generate conversations that can help residents get involved, in particular with the effort some in the county are making in conjunction with the Initiative Foundation to address issues of aging.

As always, we’re eager to hear your feedback. You can comment here on the blog or email me. And by all means, plan to join us for a public forum hosted by MPR News editor Kate Smith on May 6 at Long Prairie-Grey Eagle High School. Dinner is on us at 5:30 and the program starts at 6:30.

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