70-plus people facing the future

The Initiative Foundation’s effort to help four central Minnesota communities come to grips with what residents want to deal with was in full swing Thursday in Little Falls.

While the swollen Mississippi River was roaring through town a couple blocks away, more than 70 residents of Baldwin Township, Todd County, Eden Valley and Brainerd spent the day getting training from the Initiative Foundation’s Dan Frank and Don Hickman. The foundation’s Healthy Communities Partnership tries to help people identify the assets they have where they live and then figure out how to set priorities to make something happen.

They go back at it with another training session in a month and then each community will hold a session to let anybody in town participate in the process. It was good to hear the folks from Baldwin Township were making use of the MPR News material from our public forum March 4.

Similarly, I hope the folks sitting around the Todd County table yesterday will be able to build on the reporting we’re doing now. We expect to partner soon with local newspapers in the county, to build a Todd County web page and to hold a forum in the county May 6.

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