A voice for annexation to Princeton

The growth pause in Baldwin is taking off a little of the pressure — for now — regarding annexation to Princeton or incorporation. But an email just rolled in from Elly Rittenour, a long-time Baldwin resident and former town board member, on the topic.

Here, with her permission, is what she had to say:

I just heard on television news that the state is starting to promote ideas concerning duplication of services provided by townships, cities and counties. I have always supported orderly (25-30 year) annexation and this new attitude makes it even more unlikely the state would approve incorporation, at least one that would protect Baldwin’s present borders. What would be left of Baldwin? I wonder…..

Baldwin Fire Department is most apprehensive about annexation because of its territorial attitude, as most fire departments share. In the long run everything would be fine. It’s just change.

Mainly, I feel annexation will provide more and better services provided and administrated by professionals. Certainly, road upkeep would improve, not only by more staff and tools, but also by getting more road funding from the state, due to a larger, more populated city.

Something the board could do now is to separate the position of clerk/treasurer into two separate positions. The clerk is needed every day at the hall, but the treasurer could be part-time.

I’m hoping the exposure your reporters, etc. are providing for Baldwin Township will instill a better sense of professionalism on our board. Whatever happens I appreciate your coverage and interest. I’m also a big fan of the Initiative Fund and have gone through their Healthy Communities Program several years ago. I deeply thank all of you at MPR for your effort in this. Perhaps our township will learn from this experience and other municipalities will too.

I know the question has been kicked around for years in Baldwin Township, but what’s the wisdom in 2010 about getting together with Princeton or creating a city of one’s own? Add a comment.

And while I’m at it, if anyone has thoughts on any other Baldwin issues, send them my way and I’ll be happy to post here.

  • Jay Blake

    This series has done a good job in highlighting the need for managed growth and cooperation btween different levels of government. The boundaries beteen Princeton and Baldwin are not as important as some would have you believe. we need to remind ourselves that we depend on each other to make the entire community work.

    Thanks for highlighting these issues.