5-year-old Daily Circuit dinosaur analyst weighs in on Bracketosaurus

Owen the dinosaur expert

The first round of Bracketosaurus closes today at noon and the competition has been fierce as listeners weigh in on their favorite dinosaur.

But we’re not the only ones fired up about the bracket – the rest of the MPR staff has been voting as well, including political reporter Tom Scheck.

We had Tom go through the bracket with his 5-year-old son Owen, our resident junior dinosaur analyst:

Owen also gave us his picks for the first round:

Vote for your own favorites in the Bracketosaurus!

  • Guest

    While this is a fantastic idea, I can’t help but be disappointed in the carnivore/omnivore bracket. Pterodactyl and plesiosaurus are NOT dinosaurs, and ankylosaurus was an herbivore. Come on folks, there are plenty of awesome carnivorous dinosaurs to stick in the bracket.

  • Jennifer Brueninghaus

    Love your Bracketosaurus. When my kids were little they used to line up their dinosaur toys and host dinosaur parades. Hearing about Owen’s enthusiasm for dinosaurs brought back such joyful memories! Go Parasoralophous! That was a favorite because of its echo chamber–or whatever that weird thing is on it’s head.

  • Trevor Gustafson

    when is each round of voting, my daughter loves dinosaurs, and I don’t want her to miss out on any of the votes

    • http://www.mprnews.org/ Emily Kaiser, MPR News

      Round 2 closes/Round 3 opens Friday at noon
      Round 3 closes/Round 4 opens Monday at noon
      Final Round (4) closes Tuesday around 11:45 a.m.
      We will announce the winner live on air by noon Tuesday. Kristi Curry Rogers, a paleontologist from Macalester, will be on the show that hour talking about dinosaurs! Tune in!

  • KTFoley

    Looks like the Plesiosaurus won Round 2, but its opponent the Ankylosaurus has advanced to Round 3 instead. Would hate to find out it was DQ’d on a technical violation?