Poll: Who was the best Bond?

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Bond film franchise, the opening of ‘Skyfall,’ and Kerri Miller’s love for James, we want to know who you think made the best 007.

Here’s a fun tribute:

And the trailer for ‘Skyfall:’

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host and Roger Moore fan

  • Robert Moffitt

    David Niven?

    Of course Connery is the original and best 007, but I like the others as well. Craig has a new take on Bond I like — a little rough around the edges, but morphing into the superspy we love to watch.

    Oh, yes, I will be watching “Skyfall” this weekend.

  • JP Rennquist

    Pierce Brosnan revived a moribund franchise. After the cold war no one had any idea where to take Bond and he did. Kudos also to Brosnan as the guy who introduced (or who began introducing) more modern ideas of male – female relationships, going so far as to play on relatively equal footing with Michelle Yeoh (was it?) and Halle Barry as fellow superspies. Except for Lazenby Brosnan is the Bond who best captures the roiling pain of the dark side of Bond, the reason he escapes into womanizing and the booze is because he can’t relate to another human being in an authentic way without the pain of searing loss.

    I did like Roger Moore, but mainly because that is the Bond I grew up with. Connery created and defined the role, so there’s that. Lazenby was under-rated although the sexism in that movie is a bit much for even a deep down Bond fan like myself. Dalton? Dalton’s greatest role was the woodland prince guy in Flash Gordon. Strictly dowhill after that.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Psychmajorette Leslie Tyler

    I grew up watching Connery and Moore (Connery was great, Moore not so much), but when Remington Steele was on Television in the 80’s I knew the next Bond had been found. It amazes me that it took so very long for him to be offered the part, but when he did, I was thrilled. Connery and Brosnan had the looks, the smooth moves, and panache to pull it off. I like Craig, but he is a veritable brute and ruffian compared to Sean and Pierce!

  • Dick

    As a senior I grew up loving Connery. Still do. But for intensity, sheer energy, and unpredictability, Craig is perfect.