What do you want to ask the Minn. congressional candidates?

We are having three congressional debates next week. We want your questions. We’re looking for substantive questions about policy. You can submit questions for particular districts or for all the candidates. Here’s the schedule:

Monday, October 29: 2nd District debate with John Kline and Mike Obermueller

Tuesday, October 30: 3rd District debate with Brian Barnes and Erik Paulsen

Thursday, November 1st: 6th District debate with Michele Bachmann and Jim Graves

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Julie

    Countries whose education systems outperform Minnesota seem to be on a very different path than we are. While U.S. education reformers propose more tests, blame, and silver bullets; countries like Finland pursue equity, trust, long term plans, and family supports. How would you improve schools and what research leads you to believe your ideas will work?

  • Kristi

    Aside from wanting to hear anything that is genuine and not a sound bite, I would like to know this. What impact does she see on the current climate of close mindedness on children, educators, and the general public? And what does she plan to do to build reputation of integrity?

  • Kristi

    What role do you see teachers playing in educational policy future forward?

  • Darlene Solberg

    This question is for the debate between Michele Bachmann and Jim Graves sponsored by the St. Cloud Chamber of Commerce on Oct. 30th at the River Center in St. Cloud, MN.

    From Special Education teachers- How can legislators help make the paper work less for them so they have the time they really need to work with the children who need their help?

  • Beverly

    In May you said you endorsed Richard Miurdock saying: “Richard is a true conservative and we can count on him to stand up for our values.”

    Do you consider his recent comments on rape being “God’s will” to be Minnesota’s values as well? Do you withdraw your endorsment? If not, why?

  • Jim Santori

    For each candidate: Which of you will pick up where Sen. Wellstone left off and improve our country’s abysmal care of the mentally ill?

  • Beverky

    Please ask Michelle Bachmann this question at the debate. In May this year,you said you endorsed Richard Mourdock saying: “Richard is a true conservative and we can count on him to stand up for our values.”

    Do you consider his recent comments on rape being “God’s will” to be Minnesota’s values as well? Do you withdraw your endorsment? If not, why?

    Posted by Beverly | October 25, 2012 6:11 AM

  • Mary

    “The Union of Concerned Scientists has published information that 40 US nuclear power plants are currently out of compliance with fire safety regulations. Since fire danger is the largest threat to worker safety, what steps will you take, if elected, to insure that Monticello nuclear power plant and Xcel Energy finally implement proper fire safety regulations as required by law and imposed by the NRC?”

  • Mary

    If you are elected, how will you go about reversing out nation’s dependence on fossil fuels and moving strongly towards using renewable energy sources like wind and solar?

  • Joel

    What will you do to ensure that the Minnesota nuclear power plants and their spent fuel pools are safe against accidents, flooding, and terrorism?

  • Scott Brazil

    I live in the 2nd District, so these two questions are primarily for Rep. Klineand Mr. Obermueller, though feel free to ask them of anyone this week:

    *There is alot of rhetoric around working hard for the middle class. That’s great, but my concern is for the most vulnerable of society, i.e. the poor. How is a vote for you in effect going to be a vote in supprt of working to help the poor?

    *I am very disappointed in the partisan divide that continually causes gridlock in Washington, thus leading to nothing getting done. Are you someone who is willing to comprimise? Please give examples.

  • Matt

    This question is for Representative Kline. The Congressman has been very proud of his strong record for casting his congressional vote during his ten years in congress but I am concerned about his ability to find common ground on the easiest of topics. Since I was working in Manhattan on 9/11 and was witness to the amazing heroism of the city’s first responders it is a topic that has continued to be very important to me. On December 22nd, 2010 there was a vote for the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act that would have provided health coverage and financial compensation to first responders of the World Trade Center terrorist attacks. Can Congressmen Kline explain why he chose to side with most of his fellow Republicans and not to vote in favor of supporting the 9/11 first responders? Does he expect to find common ground to resolve the problems that are facing this nation?

  • Mary Flynn

    Question for John Kline.

    From January 1, 2011 through September 21, 2012 (republican house) you cast have cast 128 yea votes and 16 nay votes.

    Have you ever voted against the Republican position during your tenure in the house? On what?

    What is your plan to reduce the obstructionist nature of the current congress to allow the Senate and the House to work together to move forward and what have you done (or will do) to promote that?

  • Mark H.

    A question for Rep. Paulsen tomorrow: your (very cute) TV ads promote you as the “math guy.” If you truly are the math guy, then are you willing to state today that you oppose Mr. Romney tax and budget plan? Or do have an alternative plan where the math does add up?

  • tashade

    good morning

    could you please ask if they are for equal pay for women in everywhere

  • Michael Silverback

    This question is for all candidates:

    More than 75 years ago hemp cannabis was criminally and unconstitutionally made prohibited. It it was once a main legal cash crop for Minnesota, it provides 4 times as much quality material per acre than trees, it is an effective medicine, it is a safer-than-alcohol recreational substance, and for some it is a sacrament. What is your position on bringing this multi-purpose, in fact the world’s most utilitarian plant back to the people’s hands of this great state?

  • Jill Ness

    There are not just seniors on Medicare. I am 43 and on Medicare due to disability. How would the Ryan plan affect disabled on Medicare if they are under age 55?

  • David

    For any republican who voted for the Ryan budget and believes cutting taxes creates jobs —

    Can you site some economic data where trickle down economics was a successful plan for elevating the middle class in application and not theory only?

    Please site specific examples where lowering taxes created new jobs for the middle class with competitive wages?

    Why do you think austerity measures which were unsuccessful in Europe would be successful in the United States?

  • john Schmid

    Dear Kerri,

    As you must be aware probably aware the subject of climate change has been largely absent from candidate forums and it is probably the most critical issue we are facing. In the Daily Circuit candidate forums this week I strongly urge you to ask the following questions:

    (1) If we continue to rely on fossil fuels for our energy needs life on our planet as we know it will end. H.R. 6275, The Clean Energy Bonds Act introduced in congress this year will allow all americans to invest in clean energy. If you are elected will will you support this bill?

    (2) Canadian tar sands oil use produces three times the amount of CO2 as traditional oil. Dependence on tar sands oil will hasten global warming and will end life on our planet we know it. Will you strongly oppose construction of the Keystone XL pipeline if elected?

    We most all must do what we can if we are going to end global warming and preserve our planet for future generations.

    Sincere thanks,

    John Schmid, Mpls.

  • Mark Saari

    How or would you change US drug policy to alleviate the burden on over crowded expensive prisons and to stem the flow of violence.

  • George F. Greene

    Mr Paulsen,

    1) Why have you refused to debate Mr Barnes at a public place where constituents can ask questions from the audience.

    2) Why do you refuse to have town halls where constituents can ask questions from the audience that the whole audience can hear?

    3) Your lawn signs show the colors of your moderate predecessor Jim Ramstad yet you vote like Michelle Bachmann -Has Rep Ramstad endorsed you?

  • Nora

    This question is for John Kline, Erik Paulsen and Michelle Bachmann: Have you signed Grover Norquist’s The Pledge promising not to raise taxes? A large part of our budget deficit is due to the longest and most costly war in American history. Would you be willing to raise taxes on the wealthiest individuals, those earning more than a million dollars a year in order to help pay down the

    budget deficit?

  • Katie

    What have you done, or will you do to promote equality in the work place?

  • Leanne

    Please ask CD3 candidates:

    Have you heard of NoLabels.org?

    Would you be willing to sign on in support of the Make Congress Work piece promoted by NoLabels.org?

    (Former Congressman Jim Ramstad is a supporter, so is Nate Garvis who was recently intereviewed during Roundtable. So sad that Ramstad wouldn’t be endorsed by GOP of today.)

  • Kathy Jones

    Rep. Bachmann and Rep. Paulsen,

    What action/s are you supporting in Congress to deal with climate change, especially in light of the recent storms pounding our eastern seaboard?

  • Jeff Hall

    For Paulsen/Barnes: We loved Congressman Ramstad because he was a practical moderate, and worked in a bi-partisan fashion.. Rep. Paulsen, do you consider your voting record to be moderate similar to Ramstad’s, and have you broken from your party on any major votes? Mr. Barnes, how would you be moderate and vote differently from your national party is elected?

  • Nick

    For both candidates:

    Do you believe that it is possible for individuals, corporations, and the government to reduce debt simultaneously?

    If so, how?

    If not, why are you concerned about the federal deficit in the aftermath of a housing and credit bubble?

    Bonus question:

    Do you favor returning standard bankruptcy rights, i.e. dischargability, to those with student loans?

  • Todd Carlsen

    Mr. Barnes in CD3: When Jim Ramstad announced his retirement, I emailed Erik Paulsen to express that he should run for the seat and would be a good match for my district. While I do like Mr. Paulsen, his record since then has been far to the right of Mr. Ramstad and more partisan than I expected. Mr Barnes, would you be any different and why?

  • Ken Kaseforth

    To all candidates:

    Each recent election has seen huge increases in funding for political commercials, and this year simply incredible amounts are being spent on most Congressional races in addition to the presidential contest. The Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United unleashed a new tsunami wave of political contributions from undisclosed corporate interests. Since too much of each office holder’s time is already being spent on fund raising instead of the peoples’ business, will you pledge to reform the current election funding system? If not, why not? Personally, I believe commercials should be banned and in their stead, each FCC licensee should have to provide every major party candidate in their jurisdiction a block of prime time in which to be interviewed individually and in debate with the others running against them under Meet the Press types of programs. Would you pledge to support this alternative, which would take the need for fund raising out of the equation for running for office.

  • Jessica

    I am a life long extreme liberal, yet I voted for Jim Ramstad regularly. He sent out opinion surveys to be sure he was aware of the attitude of all of his constituents. The only time I receive anything from Erik Paulsen it is for fundraising or re-election. What will he do from this point forward to help me believe he is representing the interests of all of the 3rd district?

  • Kathy

    Would you ask Representative Bachmann to explain her claims that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated high levels in the U.S. Government?

  • Greg Saunders

    Michelle Bachman. In your presidential run you lied over 50% of the time. Why should anyone vote for a liar?

  • Rosella

    Michele Bachmann was the author of the bill to replace the Stillwater Bridge. It is supported by 8 out of 10 area residents. The business community and Stillwater chamber worked hand-in-hand with the community to get the bridge they need. The only people who supported a smaller version were Betty McCullom, Keith Ellison and the Sierra Club.

    Mr. Graves, you say you’re a moderate who is for the people and want to serve us, but why are you siding with liberals and special interest groups?

    Is it because the Sierra Club donated to your campaign and Betty McCollum attended your fundraisers?

  • Mike

    Given that as soon as a person is elected to office their primary goal is to get re-elected, would you consider endorsing term limits?

    Do you believe that the constant fund raising efforts and the commitments made to special interests to secure funds negatively impact the decisions our elected officials make?

  • David

    What are your plans to expand high speed Internet access to the 6th district not only to dense populations, but rural areas too. How do we bring more competition to this expanding business to keep rates competitive? Thank you, Dave in Blaine.

  • Garrick Oschwald

    To both candidates:

    What is your favorite style of pizza? Hey you need to lighten the mood somehow.

  • Bill Tamlyn

    Question for Rep. Bachmann. You voted against the 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, yet chose the anniversary of 9/11 as an opportunity to salute the heroes and victims of the tragedy via social media. Can you explain why your deeds as a member of Congress did not match your words as a candidate running for office?

  • Bill Tamlyn

    Question for Rep. Bachmann: You voted against the auto industry bailout, and yet today Ford and Chrysler are reporting huge profits, adding U.S. jobs, producing more cars and repatriating their income. They have expanded internationally, as well. Do you believe the auto bailout was a success?

  • Bill Tamlyn

    Question for Rep. Bachmann. You endorse Mitt Romney and have said that his business background is what’s needed in Washington and not that of a career politician like President Obama. Why shouldn’t the people of the Sixth District also want a business leader like Jim Graves who has created businesses and jobs and spent his entire career living and working in the sixth district rather than a politician who’s been a sitting member of a Congress with the worst job approval rating in modern history and who voted against all stimulus and bailout bills that have produced jobs, profits and a stock market that’s stronger than ever?

  • Rosella

    More than half of college graduates are unemployed. I think that number is probably higher if you don’t consider a barista or waitress a job.

    We need jobs and we want to work. I want to move out of my mom’s house and start my own life. What are you doing to help college kids?

  • Bill Tamlyn

    Question for Rep. Bachmann AND Mr. Graves. Who is Tracker Mike and what is his role in this campaign?

  • Lynne Lindmeier

    Bachman 6th. Michelle: in your last debate and previous statements, you’ve referenced your many ambitions and previous experiences including: raising several biological children, caring for 23 foster children, post doctorate studies, practice as a tax attorney, owning and operating a business(providing valuable knowledge and empathy for business owners), served in Congress. You also indicated that you are in MN every weekend. You’ve expressed interest in the Presidential Office and made national headlines. Based on this information, I have two questions. 1) Considering these ambitions, how can you give your constituents the representation and attention the deserve? As an example, what is your record for being present for voting? 2) Can you confirm the statements you’ve made about your ambitions; for me you lack credibility. Is it possible that you’ve exaggerated your past experience?

  • rosella

    The President promised the stimulus would bring us back to 5% unemployment. Jim Graves said he supported the stimulus, but it has clearly failed. Can you ask him why he thinks it was a good idea? And whether or not he would support another stimulus?

  • Ryan

    Rep. Bachmann, how do you justify missing 90% of votes while you were running for president? How is this serving the people and not just pursuing your own celebrity?

  • Anthony Yunek

    Why Has Obama Not Been Impeached for not being an American Citizen, Not Standing for the national Athem ?

  • http://residualforces.com Andy

    Mr. Graves, you said early on in your campaign that you were running as an independent, yet you’ve relied on Washington Democrats for money and resources for your campaign. How can the right leaning CD6 believe that you’re not just going to be a rubberstamp for Nancy Pelosi & Baracck Obama?

    The Speaker of the House write the rules for what can happen in Congress. When one of your Washington supporters, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, was Speaker she made it almost impossible for Republicans to even introduce Legislation, who would you support for Speaker of the House?

  • rosella

    Can you ask Jim why he didn’t get the business endorsement from National Federation of Business Owners or the US Chamber of Commerce? Seems like as a businessman, those should be a shoe-in. What about his policies are bad for employers and job growth? How can he continue to support them– as a businessman?

  • Jana

    I would like to ask Bachmann how she justifies her voting record. How is she representing MN while missing 88 consecutive votes?

  • Drew H.

    My question for Mr. Graves: You have campaigned on some fairly conservative ideas: you’ve said that you would not have voted for “Obamacare” and that you would like to change it, you’ve said that govnernment is too big and that you would like to shrink it, etc., etc. What makes you think that you’ll be able to accomplish any of these conservative goals when you’ll be expected by Nancy Pelosi and others to tow the liberal Democrat party line? That is, what specific steps are you going to take to ignore and fight against the agenda of your own party?

  • Jane Conrad

    Michele, you have said several times that you want to repel the Health care act known as Obama care. If you are able to have the opportunity to do so, what is your plan to establish or control the rising cost of health care and insurance? Please don’t answer this with the typical political “song and dance” routine.

  • Herb Farmerstein

    Here’s my question, with follow-ups:

    Does anyone not think Michele Bachman is bat-shit insane? I mean, like, she’s like totally hating on gay people and her husband publicly admits to shopping for “Doggie Sunglasses” and hangs out with teens struggling with their sexuality? Hint hint, right?

    My second question is if her opponent thinks she is a bigger embarrassment for Minnesota (for electing her) or for the United States (in that she would be considered a viable Presidential Candidate)?

    I’ll take my answer off the air!

  • Stacy

    Congressional District 6 Candidates Bachmann and Graves:

    Under Section 1021 of the NDAA, any person, US citizen or not, can be held without trial by American armed forces if they are suspected of being engaged in hostilities against the country by al-Qaeda or associated forces.

    Would you support a bill that repeals Section 1021?

  • Tim

    What is the role of media, the unofficial fourth estate of government, and how have they fulfilled that role? And, if they have failed, to what end can the American public go to fix that problem, as we cannot vote them out of office.

  • Callie

    Obamacare took over the student loan industry. I want to go to a Christian school for college, but now I’m worried that government won’t support that decision and I won’t be able to get a loan. Why do you support Obamacare if it prevents kids from going to the school of their choice?

  • Ben from Anoka

    I would like to know why I shoul be so impressed by the very expensive bridge being built south of Stillwater. This bridge is being built to make it easier for people from Wisconsin to take jobs from Minnesotans, when most of them are using Wisonsin as a tax haven. How is helping to protect Minnesota jobs?

  • Peter Coleman

    Question for Bachmann: with your stated opposition to the expenditure of federal tax dollars for non-essential purposes, how do you square taking federal grant money to assist your private business, especially when it is dedicated to “Christian Counseling” (as stated on the business website?)

  • Elle Paris

    I would like to know where Jim Graves stands on the current administrations lack of accountability for the Benghazi incident that left 4 Americans dead …. including our Ambassador?

  • Elle Paris

    For Jim Graves,

    as a Catholic, how do you feel about the government forcing Catholic institution to violate a major tenant of their faith by being forced to buy insurance that covers contraceptives and abortions?

  • Mary Fernstrum

    Bachmann and Graves:

    As an elected person from MN have you signed a pledge with Grover Norquist promising to never raise taxes? When and why did you do so? Explain why Grover Norquist, a non elected person not from the 6th District, would have control of your vote.

    Graves: As an potential elected person from MN would you sign a pledge to never raise taxes that is sponsored by a person not elected to congress, and not from the 6th District?

  • naida pederson

    Women’s issues are also economic issues. women have been hit especially hard during this recession, five and half million of them are out of work. Graves has said that Michele is part of the war on women. I want to know, as a woman myself, why he lumps all women as birth control and abortion being the only & most important issue we have??

  • Dan

    Rep. Bachmann, why do you believe it is necessary to repeal Dodd-Frank? After what happened in 2008, don’t we need more regulation for Wall Street, not less?

  • Larry

    Will the candidate if elected work to repeal the assault, parts of the so-called Patriot Act, on our fourth amendment rights against unwarranted searches. Specifically with regard to digital data and transmissions.

  • David

    During public events, particularly community parades, Jim Graves spends time shaking hands and chatting with people along the route while Michele Bachmann stays in a vehicle and waves.

    What benefits do you see in getting out and meeting the folks in the district face to face rather than from a distance?

    (I saw her riding on the back of a Lotus at one parade; nice car but certainly not American Made.)

  • David

    To Rep. Bachmann: Since its passage, you have been an advocate for repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare). To date, opposition efforts to repeal Obamacare have not been successful.

    If Republicans in Congress were to shift their attention from full repeal of Obamacare to reform of the law, which specific provisions of the health care law would at the top of your priority list for modification? Is there anything you would like to add to the current law? If so, what?

    To Mr. Graves: Are there any provisions in the Affordable Care Act that you would like to amend? If so, which ones? Would you like to add anything? If so, what?

  • David

    This year, voters in California will be deciding the outcome of a ballot measure called Proposition 37 that would require labeling of most foods made from genetically modified plants or animals and prohibit marketing such foods as “natural.”

    Supporters of the measure argue that people have a right to know what’s in their food and that over 40 countries around that world already require labels for genetically modified foods. Opponents say it would increase food costs, add government bureaucracy, and prompt new frivolous lawsuits.

    This measure may have an impact beyond California since these labels could appear on the packaging of many foods sold nationally.

    What is your position on the labeling of genetically modified foods? Why?

  • Julie

    The Anoka-Hennepin school district, which is in your district and includes the high school you attended in fact, gained national attention for struggling with bullying and treatment of LGBT students. During the over two years they faced lawsuits and federal investigations, you remained silent. What do you feel schools can do to end bullying, particularly of LGBT students? Why did you refuse to provide leadership, or even participate, in improving school climate for these vulnerable and victimized constituents?

  • dave

    Michelle, with 6 years in the House, what appointed leadership roles have you had and how many bills have you authored that were passed? Also, specifically, what and how many jobs have you brought to the 6th district during these last 6 years?

    Thank you.

  • Susan

    Please ask Bachman what progress has taken place in her campaign to rid the government of terrorist spies and infiltrators, and how she is proceding in an effort to oust her 5th district collegue Ellison.

    Big splash, big headlines, no substance?

    Is she going to suffer any punishment in the future if these charges were unfounded?

  • Jessica

    The Simpson-Bowles Plan would raise taxes almost 50% instead of reducing spending. Do you support or oppose Simpson Bowles? Why?

  • Sammantha

    Healthcare spending is a sixth of the economy and is projected to be more in a few years. Is government control and liability in such a large part of our economy a good idea? Won’t that lead us down the path to Greece?

  • Tara

    Part of being in Congress is helping with projects in your district. What have you done to help your district? What are specific, tangible, priorities for you if you’re elected?

  • John Holdingforth

    More than half of college grads are unemployed and student debt and tuition is at an all-time high! What are your plans, Mr. Graves and Mrs. Bachmann, to get college grads into the work force?

  • Mark F.

    For Rep. Bachman and Mr. Graves on entitlement reform: do they support a grand entitlement reform bargain? Raise eligibility for SS and Medicare to age 68 and link these together, some means testing, a cap on Medicare growth of GDP growth + 1% (this piece alone would save $562 billion a year in 2030, about $30 billion next year), and a change in the inflation calculation for Social Security.

  • Ben

    This question is for Bachmann.

    Time and again you have been caught in either partial truths or completely false statements. Your letter about government officials having personal links to terrorism, your comments on the HPV vaccine causing mental retardation, comments on the unemployment rate should Obama be re-elected, your comments on the census. In fact of the statements looked at by Politifact, 39% are mostly false or worse. The AP basically gave up fact checking you during the primary because it would over-shadow everything else.

    My question is this: In light of the above, how can you be qualified to hold public office? At what point can we, the electorate, trust anything you say?

  • Sean

    Obama said the stimulus would bring us to 5% unemployment in four years. It clearly failed. Jim Graves said he supported it. Can you ask him why? And would you support another stimulus?

  • Kathy R

    Women’s issues are economic issues. And women have been hit especially hard during this recession, five and half million of them are out of work. Graves has said that Michele is part of the war on women. I want to know why he thinks I only care about birth control and abortion?

  • brian

    I am pretty sure that you are only taxed on the “gain” on capital gains tax,not the principal, you have already been taxed on the principal but not the gain. Could you ask Michelle to clarify this point,she was a tax lawyer,she should know this.

  • William Thurston

    Michele Bachmann: How do explain missing over 11% of the votes in Congress or, over 550 votes. The average in congress for missed votes is 2.5%.

    “And don’t say you were working in your district because I live in your district and you are a ghost here.”

  • D.Robert Peterson

    To Jim G and MIchelle B:

    98% of scientific experts agree that human activity is responsible for global warming. The current political mentality (of both parties) of ignoring the impact of global warming demonstrates an appalling lack of leadership that will lead to global problems that will make our current economic issues seem small in the long run. What actions will you propose or support that address this global issue? What moral and ethical beliefs underlie your plan of action to address global warming?

  • al

    Has Jim ever replied to the Republican Party’s claims that he didn’t serve on the Board of the United Way? If not, I’d like to know why he hasn’t addressed it..

  • Mike D

    Bachmann v. Graves Debate:

    What have you specifically done for returning Veterans?

  • Rachel

    Congress can be divisive and it seems like nothing ever gets done. Can you give us an example where you found common ground with the other side?

  • Rachel

    What can be done about the debt ceiling? I don’t think it is fair congress gets to increase it’s spending limit when we obviously can’t afford it. Do you support raising the debt ceiling?

  • Jerry Gerads

    Question for Rep. Bachmann: If re-elected, will you continue to vote against raising the debt limit and push us over the economic cliff? Do you understand that raising the debt limit is necessary to pay the bills we already owe, like the Iraq War, and not about new spending programs?

  • Ray

    I would like to ask Rep. Bachmann how she can justify spending nearly $700M on the Stillwater bridge. Estimates show that approximately 18,000 vehicles cross the bridge each day. How can you justify spending nearly $40,000 per car to build a bridge. Sure it’ll last 50+ years ut wouldn’t a more fiscally responsible bridge be better considering your attempt at being a fiscal hawk?

    Also, can you clarify your statement that you don’t engage in political speech? To me it appears to be all you do in an attempt to divide people and belittle opponents while never clearly stating your positions on important issues. What is your definition of political speech?

  • Deb

    I just had coffee with a freshman college student who wants to know why she already owes over $50,000. of national debt, she hasn’t even been able to vote yet. How can we justify continuing down this path of national debt one more day? Is the government controlling things that are not Constitutional? If so, what will you do about that?

  • Deb

    I was a crisis pregnancy counselor for several years. After a couple of years, 3 of my clients chose abortion for their babies. All 3 of them said in so many words this: ‘I never thought abortion would be for me, but the government says it is okay, so I guess it is.’ Do you think that many of these decisions are being made simply because at a vulnerable time, women use the sanction of the government as a reason to make it okay?

  • Kevin

    How does Rep. Bachmann justify spending her time in office starting political witch hunts such as her push to investigate Muslims working for our government?

  • Nick

    Bachmann: If an unborn child/fetus is to be considered a person, and the only exception you stated was the life of the mother, then how do we decide which person we save?

  • debi ulrey-crosby

    I just finished listening to the Daily Circuit with Bachman & Graves. I cannot believe how rude and obnoxious Bachman is! Not only does she continue to completely disregard the question asked, she doesn’t answer it – not even when posed directly and specifically. She reiterates her same little “blurb” and also continues to “talk through” both Graves and Kerri. She has one agenda & that’s HER AGENDA to say what she wants, regardless of the topic. She butts in when it’s not her turn and continues to say her same little “catch phrases” which amount to garbage. All I can say is “thank goodness I’m not live\ing in her district”!