Where are you going to retire?

Marketplace’s Economics Editor Chris Farrell joins Kerri today to talk about stay-tirement AKA retiring right where you are.

My parents retired in the past few years and stayed in the home they’ve had since 1975. They like the house they’ve renovated over the years, have lots of friends around the Twin Cities, and live 15 minutes away from a couple of adorable grandchildren. Florida, Mexico, or a cool apartment in New York City were never even on the agenda.

Where do you plan to retire and what are the factors that you are considering as you make the decision?

sunset.jpg (The sun sets behind the old railway bridge in the Bahia Honda State Park in Bahia Honda Key, Florida February 25, 2011. KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

–Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Paul – Duluth, MN

    Retire?…. What’s that? I’m 37 and assume there will be no such thing as retirement in the future. Being able to retire in the decades to come will require wealth beyond the grasp of most of the population.

  • Valerie Arganbright

    Chris Farrell is so smart. And I love this conversation — staying put and getting involved in the communities that we live in continues to be so important.

  • stephanie

    Thanks for comment Val. Keep listening.

  • Mary

    Hoping to move to Reno NV before the snow flies. Why? Job of 30+ years eliminated, milder winter, and our daughter lives there. I’m ready for a change!

  • beth

    I’ m 47 and my husband is 51. Our earlier retirement dream was the archetypal retirement home on a lake (we’re in Fargo).

    But now I’m not sure about the social isolation there. I see myself working parttime into my 70’s. After all, my dad is working 30 hrs/ week at age 81 and my grandfather worked half time until he was 85.

    But also it all depends on where our kids end up as adults; not certain it would be anywhere near Fargo.

  • Brent

    What is the company or contact info for the gentlemen who said he had a free consulting service in minneapolis?


  • http://www.homeexchange50plus.com Brian Luckhurst

    Yes many people stay local when they retire although we find that quite a few of our home exchange members use house swapping to get to know other locations prior to a permanent move. Spending a few weeks etc in a chosen area does let you get a feel for it and can confirm or otherwise if you want to live there long term.

    Brian Luckhurst

  • Yvonne

    RETIREMENT is a MYTH – in all of human history it has existed as a concept only in the sliver of time since WWII.

    Except for the rich and lucky (who do not lose everything due to investment crash, housing crash, illness etc) the idea of retirement that we’ve grown up with is as out of date as rotary phones.