A business owner who hires undocumented workers weighs in

During our in-depth segment about immigration today, we got a call from Diana in Minnetonka, Minn. She identified herself as a conservative business owner who hires undocumented immigrants:

“I don’t know any kids coming out of high school that aspire to either milk cows or slaughter cattle or work in the fields, or a lot of them don’t even want to be landscapers.

I think there’s a place in our country for these employees. They are hard workers, they do — like you say — a lot of them pay in. They have their taxes taken out of their checks.

I would be for – maybe if they’ve worked in the country two to five years and they don’t have any criminal record – maybe it should be a payroll deduction where we charge, you know, five or seven thousand dollars to become legal and they have to do some other things.

But I think, you know, there’s a definite place. I’ve tried to hire all legal employees and it’s just very hard to get good workers and people who want to do the kind of work that I hire people to do.”

Stephanie Curtis, social media host

  • Karl LeMay

    The tolerated existence of illegal aliens (I call BS on the term “undocumented workers”!) is part of what provides the 1% with the downward pressure on wages they need.

    Employers need to pay real wages to real American citizens. Milk is cheaper than gasoline, and it would still be cheaper than gas if agricultural employers paid a wage that might attract local US citizens.

    We should all feel sorry for small family farmers, but they don’t get a pass for illegally exploiting foreign workers and cheating US citizens.

    It isn’t any favor to pay ANYONE those wages.

    If you whine, “we can’t hire anybody”, you didn’t read my post.

  • http://whitefordenterprises.com Whitefordenterprises.com

    I know plenty of documented refugees who would do those jobs and currently work in dairy and meat cutting. Look at my site for info.

  • Gregg “Whitie” Johnson

    So what are “Real”wages that should be paid to Ag workers ? For the most part Skilled labor is not required.

  • denverspeaksaboutslavery

    I have no empathy for this womans situation. She is breaking a Federal Law by hiring undocumented workers and her business should be shut down. There are many legal citizens of this country who are presently unemployed and would be happy to do that work. I know quite a few. My guess is she is unwilling to pay minimum wage. This is not acceptable it is inhumane and if I find out who she is I will report her immediately.