Heavy equipment at the old Ford plant, proposed demolition schedule online

IMG_20121207_142834.jpgThey’re moving at least one OVER SIZE LOAD onto the old Twin Cities Assembly Plant property in St. Paul’s Highland Park neighborhood. That beauty right there rolled down Ford Parkway and through the front gate as the snow started this afternoon.

City of St. Paul spokesman Joe Campbell affirmed that demolition of the historic Ford plant is approaching, but “No, not right away.”

As with everything involved with the Ford plant, there’s a considerable measure of due process involved. You can read more about it in the documents the city of St. Paul put up on its website today.

Maybe the most interesting document may be the proposed schedule. The plan says it may be 2015 before the land is actually on the market and 2018 before the last of the parking lot is torn out and removed from the site next to the Mississippi River.

There’s also some very cool photos and diagrams in the “Subsurface Tunnel Evaluation Report” section of the documents.

And finally, there’s a Ford Land rendering of the site after the assembly plant is torn down and the debris is carted away. Nothing left but native vegetation and birds flying around — although there are provisions for redevelopment in the plan.

You can offer your two cents on the “Ford Site Decommissioning and Demolition” at a December 20th zoning committee meeting starting at 3:30p in St. Paul’s City Hall. Note that the documents include the words “concrete crushing.” City spokesman Joe Campbell says the real wrecking could start as early as April if all goes as planned.

  • ken koense

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but we do have a premier architecture institution in the state of Minnesota? These sketches/ideas are the best we have to offer? This can’t be a serious effort, can it? I’ve seen student reviews at the College of Design, dealing with this exact site, and the early efforts produced by those students, make this presentation look as though it was executed by people infinitely less skilled.

    Please get a serious effort, and I’ll believe this will be something to benefit our region.

  • Sam Espey

    Why is Minnesota obsessed with demolition? I don’t understand why we havn’t looked into using the building as is. This building is huge, imagine the possibilities…

    The main building is long enough that it could be turned into the worlds only indoor drag strip for national and local events to get kids racing off the streets and in a safe enviroment.

    The paint building could be turned into the worlds largest indoor mountain bike park. So, mountain bikers would have a place to ride when it rains and snows. Currently trails are closed up to a week after it rains and are unable to open until may in the spring. Anyone want to invest?

    Here are a few more ideas. The location could be used to house every homeless person in Minnesota.

    The paint building could be turning into a recreation center with an indoor running track.

    The oldest part of the main building could be turning into a museum that would include a tunnel tour.

    What about an indoor skatepark or a indoor walking/cycling trail that could go all the way around the main building.

    What about marketing it to another manufacturer. It seems every year a foreign automaker opens a new hactory in America.

    But I guess doing any of these wouldn’t be the American way. Right not it seems all of the ideas a being left of to the Highland area residents who want to create a playground for themselves and for people who want to be just like them. Highland is a great place, but we have the opportunity utilize these huge building to do something different, something world class, something that could help bring more jobs and revenue to the Twin Cites then houses.

  • Tom Laney

    Here’s another idea:

    Bring the jobs back. 50 MILLION Americans in poverty and our jobs continue to be shipped out with impunity.

    People concerned with bike trails and architectural designs for shopping centers should maybe do some thinking about how people shop for bikes or anything else with little or no income.

    The politicians and fake unions all talk about job creation but they don’t even fight for the jobs we have. Or had in this case. The only jobs they create are in Thailand and S. Africa, Mexico and China.

    Wake up.

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