Lavelle Bible is facing 1st degree burglary charges. (Hennepin County Jail photo)

Lavelle Bible, the Minneapolis man who tried to sue the state after he was imprisoned for three years longer than his 2004 criminal sexual conduct convictions allowed for, is in the Hennepin County jail on a felony first degree burglary charge.

According to the criminal complaint, Bible, 44, allegedly broke into a home in Crystal around 4 a.m. on Oct. 7 waking the homeowner, his wife and 4-year-old son. Police say the homeowner yelled at Bible as he entered the home, causing the intruder to flee. The complaint says police found Bible hiding nearby.

In 2011, a judge ordered Bible released from prison after determining the Department of Corrections erred when it repeatedly sent Bible, a Level III sex offender, back to prison for violations of his release.

Legal experts say Bible’s lawsuit for wrongful imprisonment is unusual because there is no current state law that provides for compensation for a person who overstays their sentence due to an error on the part of the state.

Zombies walk the streets of Minneapolis’ Cedar Riverside neighborhood in 2010. Photo courtesy of zman z28, Creative Commons via Flickr

It’s not unusual for downtown Minneapolis streets to close temporarily for road construction or to accommodate large crowds gathering at sporting events. The city has now added zombies to the list of reasons for road closures.

On Saturday, Oct. 11, the city is closing several streets to make room for a zombie pub crawl block party in the Warehouse District. The following streets and adjacent sidewalks will be closed between 8 a.m. and midnight.

  • 1st Avenue North from 6th Street North to 3rd Street North
  • 1st Avenue North from 6th Street North to 7th Street North
  • 6th Street North from Hennepin Avenue to 2nd Avenue North
  • 5th Street North from Hennepin Avenue to 2nd Avenue North
  • 4th Street North from Hennepin Avenue to 2nd Avenue North

You’ve been warned.

Minneapolis firefighters set up fans to clear light smoke out of the City Hall rotunda. Brandt Williams/MPR News

An actual fire broke out in Minneapolis City Hall Tuesday, one day after city employees say they practiced for such an event with a fire drill.

According to fire chief John Fruetel,  a small fire broke out in a storage closet next to the elevator shafts on the Rotunda level of the building.  He said it took a little while for firefighters to find the fire.

After they put it out, firefighters set up a few fans to blow the light smoke and stench out the doors.

Several City Hall employees told me the timing of the fire was a bit ironic.  By the looks of how orderly and calmly everyone handled themselves, it appears the previous day’s drill paid off.