Daily Digest: Rallies and charges

Good morning and welcome to Wednesday.  Here’s the Digest:

1. About 200 people rallied on the campus of St. Cloud State University Tuesday evening for unity and understanding after the stabbing attack at a shopping mall over the weekend. Meanwhile the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force took charge of the investigation into why Dahir Adan attacked 10 people. Investigators have yet to confirm a terrorism link. (MPR News)

2. Gov. Mark Dayton used a speech at the Minnesota Business Partnership’s annual dinner Tuesday to blame Republicans for a lack of progress on transportation funding. Republicans were quick to say it was Democrats’ insistence on funding for light rail transit that killed money for roads. In other words, not much has changed. (Star Tribune)

3. Republicans in the state House are upset with Gov. Dayton because he paid a total of about $80,000 in severance to three members of his cabinet who resigned.  Even though the governor’s office says he followed the law in paying out the money, Republicans say they weren’t notified, and he shouldn’t have done it. (APM Reports)

4. The father of the man charged with planting bombs in New York and New Jersey told the FBI two years ago that his son was a terrorist. The FBI checked him out then and did not find terrorist ties. Now investigators are trying to figure out what they may have missed. (New York Times)

5.  Donald Trump used his charitable foundation’s money to pay more than $250,000 to settle legal disputes involving his for-profit businesses. From the story: “I represent 700 nonprofits a year, and I’ve never encountered anything so brazen,” said Jeffrey Tenenbaum, who advises charities at the Venable law firm in Washington. After The Post described the details of these Trump Foundation gifts, Tenenbaum described them as “really shocking.” (Washington Post)

  • wjc

    #5: Trump is a crook!

    • tiffiny vanvorken

      let;s suppose you are right and Trump is a crook. He is a crook as a private citizen.
      Hil-liar-y was a crook as Senator and Sec. of State, BIG difference.

      • wjc

        He is using tax sheltered money to pay for private expenses. So he is stealing from the public. Hard to pretty that up.

        • Karen Sandstrom

          Trump is bad cause he’s stealing from charity & lied about it. He used $20,000 to buy a painting of himself. The old fool will say & do anything to get elected.

          • Billy

            You really are a progressive democrat tool aren’t you Karen? You ramble on with all the latest progressive talking points and say nothing. Check out the fraud Clinton Foundation if you want to see real corruption and check out Ms. Clinton herself if you want to her lies and stories changing on a daily basis.