The Daily Digest (same-sex marriage vote today, key immigration hearing in Washington)

In Minnesota

The House will vote later today on the same-sex marriage bill. Large crowds are expected at the Capitol on Thursday. One legislator’s plan to vote for the bill could cost him his job. The Senate will vote on Monday. There is growing support growing for an amendment that could attract Republican support by inserting the words “civil marriage” in all instances where marriage is mentioned in state laws.

The Senate approved a minimum wage hike that is lower than the increase approved by the House last week.

The Minnesota House passed an omnibus elections bill that would make it easier to vote by mail.

The Minnesota Senate passed a bill to allow lawsuits against churches, schools and other organizations that may have covered up child sexual abuse decades ago.

Minnesota: no longer number one in voting. The Pioneer Press reports that Wisconsin and Mississippi surpassed Minnesota’s voter turnout rate in 2012.

Minnesota could be the 17th state with a solar energy mandate if a bill that narrowly passed the House proceeds to Gov. Dayton’s desk, reports the Star Tribune.

From the Dept. of Winter Hangovers: Lake ice will likely be a factor in the Governor’s Fishing Opener for the first time in recent memory.

In Washington/National Politics

The Senate immigration bill faces its first big test today as the Judiciary Committee begins marking up the legislation. Here are the amendments Sens. Klobuchar and Franken are putitng forward.

House Republicans held hearings about the Benghazi terror attacks.

The Poligraph finds a Republican attack line against Rep. Rick Nolan lacking some essential context.

For the first time ever, African-American voter turnout exceeded white turnout in 2012.

A must-read from the Washington Post about how the military wound up with 10 different kinds of camouflage.