Dayton ramps up lobbying efforts for same-sex marriage

Gov. Dayton has started lobbying the Legislature to pass a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage. Dayton sent out an e-mail to his campaign backers earlier this week encouraging them to contact their legislators and ask them to vote for the law.

“If we’re going to get this historic legislation passed, we need our voices to ring even louder,” Dayton wrote in the e-mail. “Urge lawmakers in St. Paul to follow their consciences and pass the freedom to marry.”

Dayton also spoke privately to the House DFL caucus this morning and encouraged members to support the bill. He said he understands that it could be a difficult vote for some rural Democrats.

“I realize this is a difficult decision for many of them, especially in areas where their constituents supported the constitutional amendment,” Dayton told reporters after the meeting. “But I went back to John Kennedy’s ‘Profiles In Courage” and said other people had to make a historic and momentous decisions, and they had to search their conscience for the right thing to do.”

Supporters and opponents of the bill have been lobbying furiously behind the scenes. DFL House Speaker Paul Thissen said today no vote has been scheduled on the bill. DFL Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk said he thinks the votes are there to pass it in the Senate but said the Senate won’t take it up until the House votes on it.

  • sb

    It’s time to allow all Minnesotans to marry the person they love. If your child, parent, sibling, family member or friend was in a same-sex relationship would you want anything else for them?

    I look at my own family and extended family, and see loving same-sex and opposite-sex relationships. I see no reason why one is worthy of approval and the other is not.

    I hope that our legislators have the courage to lead on this issue, even when it means helping to lead their districts towards a new view on this issue.

  • Cheryl Barber

    I heard this story the other day while we were phone banking, one of the callers talked to the partner of a lesbian couple that have been together for 20 plus years. Her partner is on her death bed and they want so much to be able to get married before she dies. When I heard this story, I started to cry. Please let this couple have their dying partner’s wish. Next year or the year after that is too late for them. Remember, there are families that are hurting right now. NOW IS THE TIME! THIS IS THE YEAR!

  • wendy

    Yes! Remember please, that Marriage IS the civil union option. Opponents of equality in Minnesota still have Holy Matrimony as well as civil marriage. Nothing changes for them.