Session’s first gun bill introduced

Legislation introduced today in the Minnesota Senate would prevent some convicted felons from owning guns after they’ve served their sentence.

The measure would eliminate the right of violent felons to petition the court to have their ability to possess a firearm restored. Sen. Barb Goodwin, DFL-Columbia Heights, said her bill would target people who’ve used a gun to commit a violent crime. Goodwin said she also wants to move the job of restoring a person’s gun rights from judges to the state Board of Pardons.

“I am not against, in fact am in favor, of giving formerly convicted felons their voting rights back,” Goodwin said. “Anything you can do to make them a member of society, productive member of society, I’m all for that. But I’m not comfortable giving their firearms back.”

Goodwin introduced a similar bill two years ago, but it never received a committee hearing.

Sen. Bill Ingebrigtsen, R-Alexandria, said he thinks the bill is a solution in search of a problem.

“If it’s gun control they’re looking for here, I’m not sure what she’s trying to do,” Ingebrigtsen said. “But obviously because of the shootings, that’s become kind of on the front burner around here. I think it’s going to do absolutely nothing.”

Ingebrigtsen, who’s a former county sheriff, said he would rather see a focus this session on addressing mental health issues.

  • Mac Hall

    Any update from Representative Tony Cornish regarding the status of his proposal to allow conceal-and-carry permit holders to posses firearms within the boundries of schools ?

    Or if he plans to re-introduce his Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution to affirm gun rights ?

  • jfh

    Has there been a demonstrated need for the constraints proposed by Goodwin? Is there any cost benefit to adding these changes to the law?

    They sure look like feel-good legislation to me.

  • AAA

    Goodwin’s need is that she hates the idea of any bill that can remove the ability for someone to legally own a gun is a great law in Goodwin’s eyes.

    Yet she supports restoring the ability of the very same people she doesn’t trust, to vote… for her of course…

  • Sue

    So AAA, you really think felons, or ex-felons, will be voting for a rep who doesn’t trust them to have firearms? You think Rep. Goodwin’s position is self-serving?

  • Alex Erickson

    UNDERSTAND LAW IN MINNESOTA Minn Statute defines many crimes that are NOT ACTUALLY VIOLENT as violent not limited to theft charges and controlled substance offenses. Additionally, if someone has had their felony converted to a misdemeanor under a stay of imposition they must still request the court o restore their constitutional right to firearms.

    The law she has introduced is a very scary proposition and an oppressive government rule. Think people a 18 year old punk get gets caught with marijuana completes his sentence and is faced with a lifetime firearms ban, unless he or she gets his rights judicially restored. Now should that 18 punk kid be able to have his rights restored? Not in Goodwins eyes … her views are oppressive and a denial of fundamental rights.