Rosen pondering a run for higher office

State Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, isn’t taking a run for higher office off the table. Rosen was asked whether she’s running for governor in 2014 during an appearance on the MPR News Daily Circuit program today. Here’s what Rosen said:

“I’m talking to some very important people and looking at the direction of the Republican Party and seeing what we can do to help this party.

Obviously we’re on life support in many areas, and I think I can come to the table and really do some good things for this state because in the end it is what’s best for the state.

Women are interesting. They don’t jump in unless they know they can do better and they’re asked. I am being asked, and I do believe I can do better.

Does that say I’m going to run? Absolutely not. It’s something I’m looking into.”

Rosen, who is best known for authoring the Vikings stadium bill last session, says one of the things she’s considering is how the rigors of a run for statewide office will affect her family.

There are several other Republicans considering a run for governor. They include Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson and former Minnesota House Speaker Kurt Zellers. No one has filed a campaign committee yet.

Gov. Dayton has said he intends to run for re-election.

  • Rosen says one of the things she’s considering is how the rigors of a run for statewide office will affect her family.

    Gosh, Senator Rosen has been my elected representive in the State Senate since she beat Chuck Fowler in 2002 and frankly she does not make a big presence outside of Fairmont. This is such a strong Republican area that the DFL did not field a candidate against her in 2010 and failed to field candidates in half the House District (Tony Cornish was unopposed.) I recall her being at a parade … and people did not know who she was (even though she walked along with a vintage car with her campaign sign on it … and she was wearing “Rosen” signs on her blouse … people just thought she was just a supporter … not their elected State Senator.

    The short of it is that Senator Rosen has never been tested in an election contest … and is largely unknown.

    But the more interesting aspect is the “family” reference … what is her current situtation ? Last I heard was that she and Tom, the CEO of Rosen Diversified, had divorced in 2010 … is there a “new” family … as I thought her three children were all adults living in Colorado and Iowa.

    That said … it’s not a surprise that people would be talking to her … Rosen Diversified is nationally ranked by Forbes as one of the largest private concerns … so if Republicans are looking for someone to self-finance a campaign, Senator Rosen would be a prime candidate.