Dayton: Constitution limits gun control options

Gov. Mark Dayton says he’s not sure there’s much he can do to regulate guns in Minnesota, but he said he’s willing to consider all options. In the aftermath of the school shooting in Connecticut Dayton says he’s willing to consider gun-control measures, but he said he isn’t sure the efforts would be constitutional.

“I took an oath of office not to uphold the country but to uphold the constitution of the United States as both as a Senator and then as Governor,” Dayton said. “And my understanding and my reading of the governor is that it provides a complete permission for any law abiding citizen to possess firearms whichever ones that he or she chooses and the ammunition to go with that.”

Dayton dismissed talk of allowing teachers and other school employees to carry guns. He said that would increase the danger to students. He also said his administration is working with schools to ensure that they have plans in place to deal with attacks.

  • Tina

    Please uphold tge 2nd Ammendment! Do not let Obama intimidate you or make an example out of Minnesota! We strongly resist any infringement on the 2nd Ammendment & your re-election will be in question if you support any infringement at all!

  • Anthony

    Dayton, as long as you uphold the constitution and not infringe upon any of them; I think your doing a fine damn job. May I propose the Firearm protection act ? Like so many states I would like as a law abiding citizen be assured of my 2nd amendment rights and think this would be a great venue to ensure mine and fellow minnesotans constitutional rights. I don’t want the ATF or other federal agents being able to charge me with felonies for being law abiding and not breaking state law. If it became federal ban on my AR and I was arrested for owning such a firearm, then I would have to turn to my state legislature for help. So please consider the firearms protection act for law abiding citizens.

    sincerly Anthony W.