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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where we meet Joe Forkeybolo, the DCCC chair came to town, Nolan leads Cravaack by 7 percentage points, and the presidential candidates debate foreign policy.

Around Minnesota

Meet Republican Joe Forkeybolo, otherwise known as Democratic operative Nate Dybvig.

Dybvig works for Democrats, but has used the Forkeybolo persona online to promote his clients and their concerns from a Republican perspective, at times to a largely Republican audience.

Shortly after MPR contacted Dybvig about the story, he wrote on Facebook that he had decided to put his alter ego “out to pasture.”

The state’s Republican legislative candidates aren’t talking about the government shutdown on the campaign trail. They’re talking about their bipartisan efforts with Democrats, the Associated Press reports.

The Legislature would hammer out the fine print of the Voter ID amendment.

PoliGraph looks at the new ad from Minnesota for Marriage.

Former staffers for Paul Wellstone keep his memory alive in Washington.

The Race for Congress

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Rep. Steve Israel was in town to raise money for Rick Nolan, Jim Graves and Mike Obermueller on Saturday. He sat down with MPR News for an interview.

Norm Coleman’s group, American Action Network, is planning to spend an additional $500,000 on the 8th Congressional District race, where it has been boosting Rep. Chip Cravaack.

Nolan leads Cravaack by 7 percentage points in the 8th, a Star Tribune poll shows.

The Star Tribune profiles Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional District race.

Rep. Kurt Bills continues his tour of the state, stopping in La Crescent and Winona.

Rep. Michele Bachmann and Jim Graves, her opponent, differ on how to fix the deficit, the St. Cloud Times reports.

National News

Unions are focusing more on state and local races this year.

The gun industry has thrived under President Barack Obama, according to the Associated Press.

The Presidential Campaign

Tonight, the candidates debate foreign policy.

Benghazi and the Arab Spring are cropping up in the campaign.

Obama and Mitt Romney are putting all their remaining resources, which are abundant, into battleground states.

The jobless rate has fallen in most battleground states.

Obama is still struggling in Ohio, the Washington Post reports.

Romney started the month with a $34 million advantage over Obama.

He’s staffing up in Pennsylvania.

Both campaigns are looking at raising $1 billion each by Election Day, Politico reports.

Rest in Peace

George McGovern died Sunday.

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