DFL candidates rip Republicans on Medicare

From MPR’s Mark Zdechlik…

Four Democrats running for Congress in Minnesota say Republicans are promoting proposals that would turn Medicare a voucher system.

DFL Representatives Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison say if Republicans are successful at repealing the Affordable Care Act, seniors would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in preventative care and prescription drug benefits.

McCollum says misleading campaign ads from outside groups are clouding the debate. Even so, she says she thinks seniors understand what GOP proposals would do to Medicare and Affordable Care Act benefits.

“Republicans for Congress are resorting to these false attacks because they don’t want to be honest with seniors about what their plan really does for seniors and their families,” McCollum said. “But we are not going to let them mislead the public and we are not going to let them run away from the facts.”]]

Minnesota GOP Party Chairman Pat Shortridge says Democrats are trying to “scare” seniors. Shortridge say the GOP Medicare plan is the only plan that would ensure the program long-term solvency.

  • Karen R. Effrem, MD

    The Democrats are incorrect about Medicare. The CBO has stated that for every $500 in benefits for preventive care and prescription drugs, there are over $7000 in cuts to doctors, hospitals, hospice care etc. This amounts to a cuts to benefits ratio of 15:1.

  • Jamie

    That’s a really narrow view of the subject, Dr. Effrem. For one thing, those cuts will be offset by insurance companies providing those services to people.

    Besides, even Obama and the Democrats in Congress who passed the ACA say that it is an imperfect law (I, a single-payer proponent, certainly agree). Changes can and will be made as it goes into effect. It was the best law that could be passed at the time, so it’s going to need to be changed.

  • Robyn

    The Affordable Care Act cuts Medicare by $716 Billion.

  • ziggy

    Robyn, the deficit is out of control, thus the ACA cuts Medicare GROWTH by $716B. Medicare spending will continue to grow, just much more slowly because we can’t afford it. No one’s benefits are cut, and there are some revenue generators to offset costs!