Voter ID supporters release TV ad

The campaign to pass Minnesota’s voter ID constitutional amendment has released its first television ad, which will run on cable systems statewide.

Dan McGrath, chairman of ProtectMyVote, said today that the initial ad buy was $115,000 for two weeks. He said additional fundraising is underway to try to air the ad on broadcast TV. McGrath said other ads are also in the works.

The 30 second ad is titled “Our Sacred Right,” and features Robert McWhite, a 91-year-old World War II veteran and POW. McWhite talks about fighting and sacrificing for the right to vote. He contends in the ad that voter ID will help protect that right.

“Bob McWhite has a perspective on democracy that might be a little bit different than some people,” McGrath said. “He realizes the cost of defending democracy. He takes voting very seriously, realizes it’s not some light and trivial thing and believes that we should protect it with photo ID.”

McGrath said the campaign also set up a dedicated web site,, to share more about McWhite’s personal story.

Here’s the ad:

  • Jamie

    “Protect My Vote” a.k.a. Suppress THEIR Vote.