Ventura speaks out against proposed constitutional amendments

Former Governor Jesse Ventura is speaking out against both constitutional amendments on the November ballot. Ventura recorded a video message earlier this month speaking out against a proposed amendment that would ban same-sex marriage. He also told a group of people at Macalester College that he opposed a proposed amendment that would require people to present photo identification to vote. He told MPR News he felt the amendment was aimed at reducing voter fraud that he says isn’t there.

“It’s clearly being done to disenfranchise poor people, immigration people, whoever. And you notice who sponsors it? The people who don’t normally get those people’s votes are the big sponsors of Voter ID. It sounds good on the surface but it sucks.”

Supporters of the voter ID amendment argue it’s needed to ensure integrity in the state’s election system.

Ventura made his comments during a rally for presidential candidate Gary Johnson, who is running as a Libertarian.

Ventura also said the same-sex marriage debate is an issue of civil rights. He said he believes the constitution should protect an individual’s rights.

“It should not be on a ballot for the public to make that decision because you’re asking a majority to make a decision that affects a minority,” Ventura said. “If they allowed that, we’d probably still have slavery.”

If the measure against gay marriage goes into the constitution, Ventura said it’s unlikely he’d continue to live in Minnesota.

Ventura did speak in favor of a constitutional amendment on the federal level. He said he would favor an amendment that says corporations do not have the rights of individuals and money is not free speech.

“This decision by the Supreme Court is going to be the downfall of our country,” he said.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporations and unions can spend unlimited money to influence political campaigns.

Here’s Ventura full speech at the Johnson rally:

  • James

    If Jesse decides to leave Minnesota, he is welcome here in the free state of New Hampshire. No income tax, no sales tax, no helmet law, no adult seat belt law, the smallest government by cost in the country and the third largest legislature in the world (this way, our state reps are our neighbors whom we see all the time, so if they screw up, we can tell them face-to-face). We also just passed full jury nullification.. :O)

    Jesse, you’d fit right in here. .

  • Jim Bendtsen

    Jesse Ventura had his chance to be relevant and make a difference in politics and he did nothing worthwhile. He reduced license plate fees and encouraged light rail. Oh, I forgot: he continued his career in wrestling. What has he done since then? NOTHING. Ventura only hurts Johnson’s chances by being associated with him.

  • Leslie Davis

    People who support Jesse Ventura don’t know him.

    He and his former campaign manager Dean Barkley committed

    bribery to become Governor. One bribe was to get a guy out of their

    Reform Party and the other bribe was to cover up the first bribe after

    two complaints were filed with the Ramsey County attorney.

    Ventura was a lousy governor. He let down his marijuana supporters,

    cancelled the auto emission testing program that was protecting our

    air, and he insulted just about everyone he came in contact with.

    To top it all off you should know that he was never a Navy SEAL,

    never in Vietnam, never in combat. He lied about that and only now

    that I have been hammering away at it has he changed his story.

    Jesse Ventura is a phony guy with a phony name who is a bully,

    briber, insulter and cheat who can’t be trusted.

    You can learn the truth about Ventura (Janos) by reading

    “Always Cheat, The Philosophy of Jesse Ventura”.

    Contact me for a complimentary copy of the book.

    Leslie Davis 612-529-5253

  • Shawn Peterson

    By offering to leave the state if it passes, I am not sure he is making a good argument for the side he supports.