The Daily Digest (Presidential debate this week, Klobuchar runs first ads, TX firm to design Vikings stadium)

The first presidential debate will be held on Wednesday. The Washington Post has a list of things to expect.

Romney and Obama are looking for the defining moment at this week’s debate.

President Obama says you shouldn’t expect any debate “zingers” from him.

AP says the deficit plans from President Obama and Mitt Romney don’t add up.

Will Ohio’s economic uptick be a boon for President Obama?

A new battleground poll says the race is still tight. A different poll finds that the race is tight but not in swing states that matter.

Under the Dome

The Minnesota Department of Education is set to unveil failing schools’ turnaround plans.

MPR says the new health insurance exchanges created under the federal health law will lack the human element of customer service.

A memorial for fallen fire fighters has been unveiled.

A Minnesota trial could expose Al Shabab recruiting.

Gov. Dayton learned about economic opportunities in Willmar on Friday.

Vikings Stadium

A Texas firm will design the new stadium.

Amendment to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

The group pushing for the ban released their first TV ads.


The New York Times says the payroll tax cut is unlikely to survive regardless of which party wins the White House.


Polaris expands in Minnesota.

Washington D.C.

Major cases loom as the Supreme Court begins a new term today.

Medicare to penalize hospitals for readmitted patients.

Race for U.S. House

The PoliGraph takes a look at last week’s 1st District debate.

The Duluth News Tribune says the focus in the 8th District race is south in Duluth.

Race for U.S. Senate

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s first two ads focus on her record in Congress.

The Pi Press profiles Republican Kurt Bills.

  • It was noted last week that Tim Walz ran his first television commercial, and now that Amy Klobuchar is running hers … but did you miss that Allen Quist ran his first commercial ? Well, maybe that was because he ran the commercial that he had run for the primary campaign again … but did not remove the tag line that said Vote for Quist in the Primary.