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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where the fiscal cliff could hurt Minnesota’s economy, advertising heats up in the 8th CD, and the presidential candidates return to their focus on the economy.

Around Minnesota

Walking off the “fiscal cliff” could devastate Minnesota’s economy, officials say.

Changes to the state’s welfare system kicked in Sunday.

The PoliGraph finds some misleading statements in an MN GOP flier.

The DFL Party is suing to have Rep. Kerry Gauthier, DFL-Duluth removed from the ballot.

The Pioneer Press reports that the highest paid Minnesota state employee is recently retired Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Chancellor James McCormick.

Voter ID

The New York Times profiles True the Vote, a group that claims there is major voter fraud in the United States.

Chicago Teachers Strike

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is seeking a court injunction to end the teachers strike as it creeps into its second week.

The Race for Congress

At the Values Voters Summit, Rep. Michele Bachmann accused the Obama administration of a “complete purge of any federal materials from references to the ideology of Islam” to brainwash U.S. military and FBI trainers “in political correctness toward Islam.”

MPR takes a look at the 6th Congressional District race featuring Bachmann and her DFL challenger Jim Graves.

The Pioneer Press profiles Graves as well.

The DCCC is running ads against 8th Congressional District Rep. Chip Cravaack.

The NRCC is running ads in the 8th that call Cravaack’s DFL opponent Rick Nolan a “liberal and radical.”

Norm Coleman’s American Action Network is airing an ad in the 8th as well.

Democrats insist that winning the House of Representatives is within their reach, Politico reports.

On the Presidential Campaign

Both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have reasons to worry about winning Florida.

Watch Obama to launch a new trade case against China today.

The events in the Middle East last week have forced both candidates to abandon their economic message.

The Washington Post says Obama and Romney are going to refocus on the economy.

The New York Times reports that Republicans are losing voters over their Medicare plan.

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