Opponents of same-sex marriage ban reports raising $8.2 million

Minnesotans United for All Families announced tonight that it raised $8.2 million to defeat the proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

The group announced it raised $2.5 million since it filed its last campaign finance report in July.

“We are incredibly proud of the support Minnesotans are showing for our efforts,” said Richard Carlbom, Campaign Manager for Minnesotans United said in a statement. “Real Minnesotans would be hurt by this amendment, including thousands of families who are being devalued by supporters of the amendment. Minnesotans know this amendment is wrong, and they’re making a personal investment in the efforts to defeat it.”

The group raised a total of $5.96 million in 2012.

Minnesota for Marriage, the group organizing to pass the amendment, has yet to release its fundraising figures. It announced earlier today that it started paying for “Vote Yes” billboards.

Political candidates and groups are required to file their campaign finance reports today.

The information will be posted on the Campaign Finance Board’s website at 8am.

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