Dayton to name projects Thursday

Gov. Mark Dayton says he has “mostly decided” which local construction projects will get to share $47.5 million in bonding money from a special development fund.

Dayton said today that he plans to announce the winning projects on Thursday. The Department of Employment and Economic Development received 90 applications, representing $288 million in requests. Dayton repeated his criticism of the Legislature for omitting several local projects from last session’s bonding bill, and instead creating the competitive development fund.

“Most of them are very important projects to the communities and to the regions, and it’s just a shame that it’s been set up this way,” Dayton said. “It was a mistake to do so in hindsight, and I don’t think we should do it again.”

Dayton said the local projects that aren’t selected will still have a shot at future assistance. He said he plans to unveil another bonding bill proposal in January.

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