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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where Klobuchar and Bills debate, voter ID could prompt more suits, and Romney readies to accept the GOP nomination.

At the State Fair

MPR will host a debate today at noon between DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and GOP Rep. Kurt Bills.

Tomorrow, MPR’s Tom Crann will interview Gov. Mark Dayton, same time, same place.

Around Minnesota

Dayton rejected a request to meet with Sen. Mike Parry and Rep. Steve Drazkowski on the tentative state employee contract.

Expect more lawsuits if the voter ID bill is approved in November.

New Minnesota school performance rankings are released today.

Campaign Ad Oops

The Minnesota House DFL Caucus sponsored an ad this week criticizing Rep. David Hancock, R-Bemidji, and Rep. Larry Howes, R-Walker, for their votes on the state’s budget (h/t Tom Freeman, Minnesota House Republican Campaign Committee).

But as it turns out, the ad featured the wrong David Hancock. This David Hancock, whose face is on the ad, is a Canadian politician. This is Minnesota’s David Hancock.

On Message

Introducing MPR’s new election season feature On Message.

Here’s how it works: You send us the campaign mailers that land in your mailbox, the e-mails that land in your inbox, the robocalls that interrupt your family dinner and pictures of the signs and billboards that line your neighborhood streets. We fact-check them and tell you who’s paying for them.

All the details are here.

Race for Congress

Tax and budget issues divided the candidates running for Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District seat.

At the RNC

Tonight, Mitt Romney accepts the GOP nomination.

Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan accepted the party’s nomination.

In his speech, he faulted “missing leadership” according to the New York Times.

Tim Pawlenty spoke last night at the RNC. He used humor and sharp attacks to criticize President Barack Obama.

Several high-profile Minnesotans advise Romney on foreign affairs issues.

Norm Coleman is playing a behind the scenes role at the RNC.

Mega-donors are getting a lot of attention at the RNC, the Washington Post reports.

Meanwhile, Obama has been stumping at colleges this week. Yesterday, he spoke at the University of Virginia, which is located in a swing state. Obama is trying to rally young people, who were important to his election in 2008.

This is the last day of the RNC. Next week, politicos, including MPR’s Tom Scheck, will swarm Charlotte, NC, for the Democratic National Convention.

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