The Daily Digest (Hurricane reshuffles RNC, Ron Paul backers rally in Tampa, Supreme Court could rule soon)

Republicans are struggling to get a handle on a looming storm that is disrupting this week’s Republican National Convention. It isn’t certain when the event will start or end.

The storm has forced the RNC to reshuffle the schedule.

The New York Times suggests the GOP is divided as it heads into the convention.

Case in point: Minnesota’s delegates attended a rally for Ron Paul despite the threat of a hurricane.

The delegates are also accusing the Romney campaign and the RNC of a power grab.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann fired up the Tea Party at an event prior to the RNC.

The Star Tribune profiles former GOP Sen. Norm Coleman and outlines his new role as the head of a political non-profit and a super PAC.

Democrats, including Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak, are planning to counter the RNC.

Race for President

A Washington Post/ABC News poll shows Mitt Romney with a 1 percentage point lead over President Obama.

AP interviewed President Obama. Obama said Mitt Romney has “extreme views.”

Romney made a “birther” joke on the stump.

Romney is working to show his background and personality heading into the election.

The presidential race has basically come down to seven states.

Under the Dome

The Minnesota Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on challenges to the Voter ID constitutional amendment and whether Secretary of State Mark Ritchie has the right to title the amendment.

Gov. Dayton signed the flood relief bill for northeastern Minnesota after lawmakers quickly passed the bill in a special session.

Dayton and other state officials met with laid-off workers from Georgia-Pacific in Duluth.

The House opted to not bring up a motion to expel DFL Rep. Kerry Gauthier.

The PoliGraph says GOP Rep. Steve Drakzkowski’s numbers on state employee beneifits are right.


An Associated Press poll says most respondents prefer higher taxes and retirement age to reducing future payments in order to save Social Security.

Voter ID Amendment

Activists in Minneapolis rally against an amendment that would require people to present photo identification to vote.


Minnesota’s exports climbed to a record $5.4 billion in the quarter.

Most laid off workers take pay cuts in their new jobs.

Race for U.S. Senate

AP profiles DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar.


Neil Armstrong, the first human to step on the moon, died over the weekend.

Stanley Crooks, chair of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux, died at 70 over the weekend.


MPR’s Catharine Richert will be doing the Digest over the next two weeks.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Power grab? Don’t those Ron Paul folks know that Mitt Romney is entitled? He’s rich, you know, though he he doesn’t want you to see any details of how that happened. And he had something to do with state government a while back, though he’s keeping that a secret, too.

    Mitt says he’ll give the top 1% more tax breaks, which you and I should be happy to pay for (and we will). Mitt’s the perfect Republican candidate. He’s rich and entitled and will make sure the money keeps moving uphill. What more do those Ron People want? Can’t they just be happy that Paul Ryan has worked out a scheme where Mitt never pays taxes again?

  • Anti-Marxist

    RON PAUL draws sold out crowd at Florida rally….11 thousand people braved the weather, to show their support for Ron. The hour long presentation by Paul is a MUST WATCH. His speech is so perfected like none before and exactly the correct message.

    Obamney v Oromney are either side of the same TYRANNICAL neocon coin. Lawyers for Ron Paul are asking why the GOP and media have artificially SUPPRESSED his campaign. Denying me, my right to vote my conscience.

    Obamney on one hand, “we will be out of IRAQ in 12 months” liar, “close gitmo” liar, “out of Afganistan” liar, DESTROYING the CONSTITUTION, HAS FAILED MISERABLY AS POTUS. Not to mention murdering women and children by drone, especially AMERICAN citizens. Did you stop that torturing yet ? 16T debt.

    Oromney on the other hand, is of questionable character, is ILLEGALLY received contributions from foreign contributors. Has FOREIGN ALLEGIANCE’S, which is exactly the point of the NATURAL BORN section of the CONSTITUTION. Will continue the Bush doctrine’s. Has failed to state intentions on all of the important issues, Stop the Fed from misusing my taxes to help foreign banks.

    16 Trillion and watd you get, another day and deeper in debt. YOU SOLD AMERICA to the highest bidder. Why the ammo purchases ? King George failed too

    The Fed Reserve is a corp(w/ secret board)…and THIRD central failed bank

    Ron Paul WriteIn

  • Anti-Marxist

    DRUG WAR … failed, cost billions, victim-less crime, jail for PROFIT.

    Ron Paul supports the CONSTITUTION. How many ARTICLEs in the CONSTITUTION…I did a poll of 300 and only 5 knew the answer.

    NOW … that tells the story. The only thing keeping you from being a third world GDP-slave is your “rights” that people died for. YOU INGRATE.

    PSYCHOPATHS float to the TOP. Stalin, Hitler, Muscilini, Trotsky, this is what RP is trying to say …. and you ain’t listening….are you ?

    When the State, ownes the “property”, ownes the “production”, and kills “religion”, then you have the “RED ZONE”. Zionazistas be gone.

    VOTE with your MONEY ! for good. (products/services/business) Help a neighbor. Jury Nullification…look it up. Please.

    LIVE and DIE the way that YOU want, BUT … along the way DO NO HARM. Suggested reading…Constitution, US Law, Commandments.

    Oh … and btw…the crazies shooting people are on PHARMA prescribed drugs … FACT …. jail doctors, CEO’s ?

    Wheres a concealed carry when you need one. VTech, Colorado, etc.

    The MEDIA doesnt tell you about the brave people who step up … for you.

    Oh yes…and tell me again how building 3 (WTC-7) came down ? Let me guess Larry Silverstein said “pull it” hummmm doesnt that take weeks to set up ?