The Daily Digest (GOP has sticker shock on disaster aid, Dayton says Parry engaged in “gutter politics”, Romney coming to MN)

The Dayton Administration is seeking $190 million to repair damages caused by the summer floods. GOP lawmakers were taken aback by the number.

Gov. Dayton said Mike Parry’s pill comments are “gutter politics” from a failing candidate.


President Obama announced $30 million more in drought assistance.

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack wants more money to arm pilots.


In a sign that things could be improving, U.S. employers posted the most job openings in the past four years.

Late payments on mortgages also hit a three-year low.

U.S. consumers cut back on credit card use in June.

Same-Sex Marriage Debate

A Michigan donor gave $325k to fight the amendment to ban same-sex marriage.

Party Politics

The Minnesota Republican Party received approval to pay their campaign finance fine to the state in installments.

Race for Legislature

Two GOP candidates in a southwest metro Senate district are sparring over lawn signs.

Race for Congress

Several U.S. House candidates worked to please farmers at a FarmFest forum near Redwood Falls.

Two of DFL Rep. Keith Ellison’s challengers go on the air with small ad purchases.

Race for Senate

The candidates for U.S. Senate will debate today at FarmFest.

Race for President

Mitt Romney will hold a high dollar fundraiser in Minnetonka Beach on August 23.

The New York Times says the Obama campaign is focusing on shoring up women voters while the Romney campaign is focused on white, blue collar men.

The Washington Post says Romney’s negatives are climbing.

Romney is out with a new ad saying President Obama will “gut welfare reform.”

Former President Bill Clinton denounced the ad.

Priorities USA, which is backing President Obama, released an ad linking Romney to a cancer death.

Romney’s dad had a free McDonalds for life card.

Americans for Prosperity includes Minnesota in a $27 million ad buy. The group says Romney can win Minnesota but others say it may be a strategy to force Obama to spend money in a state that he’ll likely win.

Pawlenty for VP Watch

Pawlenty will campaign in Michigan today for Romney.

The Pi Press says Pawlenty is a favorite among gamblers to be Romney’s pick.

Romney’s campaign tells supporters to turn on their push notifications to learn who his VP pick will be.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    GOP lawmakers were taken aback by the [$190 million] number.

    They’d be “taken aback” if the number were $22.50. Let’s face it. Republicans don’t live in the real world. To Republicans, all government is bad, and all government spending is bad, and please don’t confuse them with facts like the actual, real-world cost of disaster repair and reconstruction.