The Daily Digest (FEC reports show Bills nearly out of cash, Romney raises $101m, Oppo researchers start work on Pawlenty)

The latest campaign fundraising report shows that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Kurt Bills is nearly out of cash.

Bills will try to change the subject today by calling on DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar to agree to a series of debates. Bills and Klobuchar will both appear at a FarmFest forum on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Bills’ primary opponent, David Carlson, is running ads linking Bills to Ron Paul.

Under the Dome

The Subcommittee on Employee Relations will hold a hearing on Thursday to discuss the recent state employee contracts.

Gov. Dayton will start interviewing candidates for the Minnesota Supreme Court. The Judicial Selection Commission recommended four people.

State and federal officials are pledging help for those who are losing their jobs because of the Verso Paper Mill’s closure in Sartell.

Former President Bill Clinton helped unveil a statue in honor of Hubert H. Humphrey.


Hiring is rising but uncertainty over the economy is making business owners nervous.

GOP Finances

St. Paul city Attorney Sara Grewing declined to prosecute former MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton.


Congress took five weeks off.

The USDA is closing five offices in Minnesota.

Race for Congress

It’s eight days until primary day.

Forum Communications says voter turnout is expected to be spotty for the primary.

MPR has a look at the DFL candidates running in the 8th.

Tarryl Clark is outspending her DFL rivals in Minnesota’s 8th District.

Here’s a look at some of the fundraising reports.

Race for President

President Obama’s adviser took a $100,000 speaking fee from a firm that is doing business with Iran.

Mitt Romney raised $101 million in July.

Will tougher voter laws squelch the youth vote?

Pawlenty for VP Watch

Some of the speakers for the RNC have been named.

Tim Pawlenty’s opposition researchers are already working overtime on his record.

Politico writes about Pawlenty’s Health Impact Fee.

Bill Kristol and Stephen Hayes think Romney should pick Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan.

Former PA Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat, says he’d like to see Romney pick GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann.

  • Sanjay

    Paul Ryan and Rubio are both prostitutes. And Romney picked Ryan.

    This is the end of US. Come January we will have more war with Iran, Syria, Russia and total bankruptcy and destruction of Middle class.

    Kurt Bills is the real deal. He is not in the pocket of Federal Reserve and Ethnic lobbies that are ravaging America.