New super PAC launches ads against Cravaack

Friends of Democracy, a liberal super PAC, is targeting 8th Congressional District Rep. Chip Cravaack in a new TV ad.

The ad, which focuses on donations Cravaack received from financial interests, is part of a $700,000 two-week ad buy that will also target Republicans running in California, Wisconsin and New Hampshire.

Friends of Democracy is a new super PAC started by Jonathan Soros, the son of wealthy financier and Democratic donor George Soros.

In July, Soros told the Washington Post that, though Friends of Democracy is set up like the average super PAC, it’s ultimate goal is to eliminate outside spending in elections.

“We openly acknowledge the irony of being a super PAC trying to address money in politics,” Soros told the Washington Post. “But our goal is to eventually decrease the influence of this kind of group…We don’t see any other path to real legislative change.”

According to its most recent campaign finance filing, the super PAC has raised about $145,000, with $106,000 of that coming from Soros.

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