Minnesotans “deeply involved” in Romney foreign policy

A trio of former Minnesota lawmakers regularly advise Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on foreign policy, according to former Sen. Norm Coleman.

After meeting with Minnesota’s delegation at the Republican National Convention, Coleman told reporters that he, former Minnesota Congressman Vin Weber and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty are part of a small group that meets regularly to analyze international affairs offer their take to the Romney campaign.

There are “probably more Minnesotans involved in that process, certainly, than any other state, so we’re deeply involved,” Coleman said.

Coleman cited the situation in Syria as an example. He called the Obama administration’s approach to Syria a “disaster” as he explained how he and the others provide counsel to Romney.

“We’ll look at what’s going on and say, what’s a better course of action and advise the candidate,” said Coleman.

“One of the great things about working with Mitt Romney is he’s really smart and so you can, you know, take a complex issue in the world, something that’s going on that’s challenging and you give him information and he’ll make the choice ultimately,” said Coleman. “So we simply provide analysis and options and the candidate says, ‘here’s where I’m going.'”

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