The Daily Digest (Supreme Court hears Voter ID arguments, Pawlenty getting VP buzz, MN Chamber releases endorsements)

The Minnesota Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday over whether the wording over a constitutional amendment that would require people to show photo identification at the polls is misleading.

You can listen to the hearing here.

Gov. Dayton appeared on MPR’s The Daily Circuit and said he had concerns about using DEED’s bonding bill money for the Southwest Light Rail Corridor.

Common Cause will announce today that it’s pushing for a criminal complaint against former MNGOP Chair Tony Sutton.

The Star Tribune says the U of M and the Vikings are battling over Coke and Pepsi.


Republicans are trying to avert a shutdown showdown.

Cautious on growth, Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke offers no hint of action.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney headed to the Hill to defend Defense spending.

States saying no to the Affordable Care Act could see a downside.

Senate Republicans again blocked a campaign spending disclosure bill.

A House GOP bill would kill the AmeriCorps program.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison continues to question why GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann is suggesting the Muslim Brotherhood is infiltrating the Obama Administration.

Amendment that would ban Same-Sex Marriage

The Minnesota Family Council reports raising $289k in 2012.

Race for Legislature

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce released its list of endorsements. The group is backing mostly Republicans but an interesting tidbit is that DFL Sen. Terri Bonoff secured the business group’s backing over Republican David Gaither. That race is targeted by both parties.

Race for Congress

The American Action Network secured $860k in ad time in Minnesota.

Race for President

Pressure on both sides is ramping up for Mitt Romney to release his tax returns.

Here’s a list of Republicans who are calling on Romney to release his tax returns.

President Obama raised money in Texas.

Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu, a Romney backer, said President Obama needs to “learn how to be an American.” He later apologized.

Pawlenty for VP Watch

The Wall St. Journal says Romney is unlikely to name a pick this week.

MPR takes a look at how a Romney/Pawlenty ticket would change the race in Minnesota.

Pawlenty and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will be headlining a Wayzata fundraiser tonight.

The New York Post says Christie will keynote the RNC.

Pawlenty said it feels a little bit like “deja vu” when asked about the Veepstakes on MSNBC.

ABC News appears to have one of their political reporters staked outside Pawlenty’s home in Eagan.

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