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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where a special session is scheduled for August, Bills challenges Klobuchar to more debates, the House votes on health care repeal again, and Romney gets a lukewarm reception at the NAACP conference.

Around Minnesota

Gov. Mark Dayton and the GOP-controlled Legislature have agreed to a special session to approve flood assistance for northeastern Minnesota.

In Minneapolis, there have been 63 unsolved murders in five years.

U.S. Senate Campaign

Rep. Kurt Bills says he’s about 26 percentage points behind his opponent, Sen. Amy Klobuchar. He also wants her to agree to more debates.

In Washington

The U.S. House voted for the 33rd time to repeal or defund the health care bill. As in the past, the effort is unlikely to go anywhere in the Senate.

The Minnesota delegation voted along party lines for the repeal bill.

Food stamps, not subsidies, are the focus of House farm bill debate.

The Presidential Campaign

Mitt Romney was booed during a speech to the NAACP.

BuzzFeed reports that Romney is struggling to lock in New York delegates.

Before he was his surrogate, Gov. Tim Pawlenty was a frequent critic of Romney’s Massachusetts health care plan.

The AP writes that being “suitable but not a standout” makes Pawlenty a serious VP candidate.

Conservatives want Romney to be more aggressive in the general election.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will host a fundraiser for Romney this week. It costs $30,000 a couple to attend.

The PoliGraph says a claim made by R.T. Rybak, Minneapolis mayor and prominent surrogate for President Barack Obama, is a mixed bag.

Mother Jones reports that Romney invested in Chinese firms that profited from US outsourcing.

The Obama campaign has a new ad up hitting Romney for wanting to increase taxes on middle class families.

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