Remaining House challengers file: Nolan $127K, Barnes $107K, Parry $52K, Anderson $50K

WASHINGTON – The remaining candidates for U.S. House seats this fall have filed their fundraising paperwork for the second quarter with the Federal Election Commission hours before a midnight deadline. The reporting period covers all donations between April 1 and June 30.

In the 8th Congressional District, former Democratic Congressman Rick Nolan reported raising $127,721 for his primary bid to take on Republican U.S. Rep. Chip Cravaack. Since entering the race, Nolan has brought in $330,0037. Nolan’s campaign bank account has $93,435 cash on hand. Political action committees, including PACs affiliated with U.S. Sens. Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar and U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, were responsible for $37,184 of those donations. His campaign also touts the statistic that 91 percent of its contributions come from within Minnesota, a likely dig at Cravaack, whose family now lives in New Hampshire and at fellow DFL candidate Tarryl Clark, who has access to national Democratic fundraising circles such as EMILY’s List thanks to her previous campaign against Michele Bachmann.

Jeff Anderson, the other DFL candidate hoping to take on Cravaack, raised $50,095 and has $18,352 cash in the bank. Including this quarter, his campaign has raised a total of $164,327. None of Anderson’s fundraising haul came from PACs.

In the 3rd District, DFL challenger Brian Barnes brought in $107,012 for his bid to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen. Barnes has $56,552 in the bank. PACs, including Al Franken’s PAC and several union PACs, donated $10,000 his campaign.

Republican Mike Parry raised $51,961 for his campaign to take the 1st District away from incumbent Democrat U.S. Rep. Tim Walz. Parry has $30,608 in the bank. No political action committees contributed to his campaign.

  • Mike the Ranger

    For democrats to fight over who can raise the most money in this tough economy is emblematic of what is wrong with politics. I don’t care that Jeff Anderson is in last place in the money arms race. He shares my roots and he shares my values, and that is why I support him.