The Daily Digest (Senate to take up legal fees, Lawmakers question funding for zoo, Amendment opponents raise $3.1 million)

A group opposing the marriage amendment announced that they raised $3.1 million since January. Supporters of the amendment say they raised $1.4 million.

The rest of the fundraising reports will be released this morning.

Senate scandal

The Senate Rules Committee meets this morning to discuss the Senate’s legal bill. The Senate announced that the legal bill regarding the Amy Koch/Michael Brodkorb scandal has reached $84,000.

Under the Dome

Several lawmakers say the Minnesota Zoo should not spend the $4 million it received in state bonding money until it has a definite plan in place to replace the dolphins. The news comes after MPR News learned that zoo officials were privately planning to end the dolphin exhibit months before the bonding bill was signed into law.

The Pi Press reports that Attorney General Lori Swanson is taking another swipe at Accretive Health. The business is under fire for its debt collection practices at hospitals.

The Department of Human Services is proposing an adjustment to Medicaid as more Baby Boomers enter the system.

The Pi Press says the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners voted to seek a state grant for the purchase and clean up of the army ammunition plant in Arden Hills.


President Obama says Russia and Syria are not aligned with the international community over Syria.

Obama also said Europe should stress financial integration.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee is scheduled to vote on whether to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress over failing to produce documents on the “Fast and Furious” case.

Republican Senators won’t say whether President Obama’s immigration move is amnesty.

GOP Rep. John Kline says “Illegal immigrants should not be rewarded for breaking our laws.”

The Washington Post says an analysis of the House GOP tax plan would cut taxes for the wealthy but would increase taxes on middle class households.

Lawmakers are trying to save a stalled transportation bill.

The Center for Responsive Politics says GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen would benefit financially if his bill ending the Medical Device tax became law.

Millions will still be uninsured even if the U.S. Supreme Court approves President Obama’s health care law.

CNN has an analysis of the work done by Congress. They worked as many hours with less than half of the work product to show for it.

The House passed a $28 million settlement with the Chippewa tribes. GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack is mentioned.


Employers in April posted the fewest job openings in 5 months.

Race for President

President Obama’s campaign filed a complaint with the FEC demanding that Crossroads GPS release a list of its donors.

Mitt Romney says he’s vetting Florida Senator Marco Rubio to be his running mate. The announcement came just hours after ABC News reported that Rubio was not being vetted. The station said Tim Pawlenty is a favorite to be Romney’s running mate. Politico is also reporting that Pawlenty’s stock is soaring among Romney insiders.

President Obama warns Romney on foreign policy.

Romney says he can win Michigan.

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