The Daily Digest (Mixed results on charter schools, Clark released first TV ad, MN reacts to immigration decision)

MPR takes a look at charter schools at the 20 year mark and finds there are mixed results.

The Minnesota Supreme Court allowed the Legislature to join the Voter ID case but denies others from intervening.

Governor Dayton is back in Minnesota today after spending the last week in China.

Dayton announced that today is Women Veterans Day.


President Obama eased enforcement on immigration on Friday. The move was praised by Hispanic activists but was criticized by Congressional Republicans.

Obama’s immigration policy change impacts some in Minnesota.

President Obama’s proposal to raise the dropout age has fallen flat.

The federal government awarded $30 million to two Minnesota health groups.

The Pi Press says the Boundary Waters is threatened by a federal hunting and fishing bill.


Supporters of the bailout claim victory in the Greek election.

Socialists in France won the French parliamentary elections.

Middle East

Egypt’s military leaders gave the country’s armed forces vast powers at the expense of president.

The Muslim Brotherhood claimed victory in Egypt’s presidential election.

A U.N. observer says civilians in Syria need to be evacuated.

Same-sex marriage vote

The Star Tribune says rural voters could be key to determining whether the proposed amendment passes or fails.

Race for Congress

Democrat Tarryl Clark released her first TV ad. Clark is running in the DFL primary in Minnesota’s 8th District.

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack says he’s the “centrist” in the race.

Cravaack also took heat during a meeting in Duluth.

Race for President

Mitt Rommey says President Obama’s immigration decision complicates the issue.

Romney took his campaign on a small town swing.

Romney was test driving some of his potential running mates.

Ron Paul’s delegates swept Iowa.

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