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Welcome to the Daily Digest, where legislative Republicans are emboldened on union issues, the White House threatens to veto Paulsen’s bill to eliminate the medical device tax, and Walker’s victory is an opportunity for Romney.

Around Minnesota

The Wisconsin recall outcome has emboldened Minnesota Republicans on union issues.

A Minnesota’s Bureau of Mediation Services ruling says that part-time firefighters can unionize.

A Washington Co. Commissioner says Sen. Ray Vandeveer’s last-minute retirement was “set up” the PiPress reports.

Gov. Mark Dayton has picked a new PUC Chair.

Dayton said that his appointments to a new stadium commission are taking longer than expected.

The state’s Independence Party says it will focus on state legislative races this election year, even though two IP candidates are vying to be the party’s U.S. Senate candidate this fall.

Former GOP Party Chair Tony Sutton has started a blog.

Ballot Questions

The Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board has dismissed a complaint against the Minnesota Family Council, which is supporting the marriage amendment.

The Dayton family has ramped up efforts to defeat marriage amendment.

The marriage amendment mobilizes faith groups.

The Minnesota Supreme Court has scheduled oral arguments on the voter ID amendment for July 17.

In Washington

Congress may expand the federal insurance program, but could put the federal government on the hook for billions, the New York Times reports.

The Obama Administration has threatened to veto Rep. Erik Paulsen’s bill that would overturn a tax on medical devices.

The House approved an amendment sponsored by Rep. Chip Cravaack that would prevent the Energy Department from spending money to enforce a requirement that organizations that get grants valued at $1 million or more use energy-efficient light bulbs.

The U.S. House Race

The Rothenberg Political Report says Minnesota’s CD-8 is a “pure toss-up.”

The U.S. Senate Race

PoliGraph says Bills’ claim about the nation’s debt and deficit is partly true, but deserves some context.

Presidential Campaign

Walker’s victory in Wisconsin signals an opportunity for Mitt Romney.

The New York Times writes that the recall election underscores some challenges for President Barack Obama.

Romney is using job creation to court Latino voters.

June has been a bad month for the Obama campaign, and it could get work, the Associated Press writes.

Tim Pawlenty said that Romney would be stronger on foreign policy than Obama.

Ron Paul says he could have as many as 500 delegates at the RNC in Tampa. “While this total is not enough to win the nomination, it puts us in a tremendous position to grow our movement and shape the future of the GOP!” Paul wrote in a press release.

A $40,000 donation to the Obama or Romney campaign will get you some perks.

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