Klobuchar wins DFL endorsement for second term

shake00 dflconvention news ahk.jpgROCHESTER — The Minnesota DFL Party has endorsed Sen. Amy Klobuchar to once again run for U.S. Senate.

After entering the convention hall to “We Take Care of Our Own,” a song from Bruce Springsteen’s newest album, Klobuchar thanked the crowd for their endorsement and said she would continue to do what’s best for the state.

“I will continue to fight for what’s right, and I will always, always put Minnesota first,” Klobuchar said.

Her endorsement comes as no surprise. Polls show the incumbent enjoys wide support in the state.

In her speech, Klobuchar pointed to some of her achievements in the Senate so far, including her work to secure assistance to rebuild the I-35W bridge, which collapsed shortly after she took office, her work on toy safety and a bill that was recently passed that ensures returning Minnesota National Guard soldiers get government benefits.

“It shouldn’t take an act of Congress to fix this, but they needed one, and I got it done,” Klobuchar said referring to the troops bill.

Klobuchar’s critics have said that she focuses on minor issues and seldom gets in front of more contentious debates


Notably missing from Klobuchar’s speech was any reference to her opponent, state Rep. Kurt Bills, who won the GOP’s nomination in May.

Bills, who was endorsed by Ron Paul, supports some of the policies supported by the former GOP presidential candidate. If elected, Bills says he will shrink the nation’s debt and deficit, and scale back the federal government, pledging to eliminate four federal departments. Among other things, Bills would also institute a flat tax and limit Social Security payments for the wealthy.

In contrast, Klobuchar said Washington needs to embrace a mix of tax increases and spending cuts to shrink the nation’s deficit. If re-elected, Klobuchar said she would focus on trimming subsidies for oil companies and support policies aimed at the middle class.

“Do we go backward to the same old policies that sent us into the downward spiral that sent us into the great recession,” she said. “Or do we go forward to build up America?”

Hear the rest of her speech here:

Photo Credit: U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar greets delagates during her entrance at the DFL state convention in Rochester Saturday, Jun. 2, 2012. Klobuchar won the DFL endorsement and will face Kurt Bills in the upcoming election. (Alex Kolyer for MPR)

  • tom

    Amy Klobuchar has been a rubber stamp for every spending bill comming out of Washington. We need someone new. Someone who understabds the economy.Amy may be nice, but nice doesn’t put bread on the table.